Goat Meat - The Boer Influence
Fact : Goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world. It is exceptionally Lean and low in Cholesterol.

Fact : Australia is he largest exporter of goat meat in the world.


With the world goat meat consumption at around 465 million carcasses p.a. and increasing 15-20% each year it is no wonder that the South African Boer goat has continued to grow in popularity with farmers, not only in Australia, but throughout the world.

The Boer Goat has been imported to Australia because of its excellent meat production, fertility and maternal qualities. Its docile temperament leads to easy handling. Fullblood Boer bucks are joined to feral, cashmere and Angora does and the resulting progeny are heavier and grow faster. Boer bucks weigh up to 130kgs and does 80-100kgs. There is no requirement for shearing or crutching of Boer goats.

Although Australia's domestic meat market has been slow in taking to goat meat, this is sure to change soon. The meat is delicious when cooked properly (kept moist), and is exceptionally lean. An indication of the amount of saturated fats in meat can be gained by looking at the amount of congealed fat drippings in the cooking tray. Goat meat will present a noticeable absence of congealed fat.



How to Tell the Age of Goats
The age of a goat can be estimated by checking its mouth and teeth. As with all ruminant animals goats only have teeth on the lower jaw and the have two sets of teeth during their lifetime. The first or Milk teeth are replaced 2 at a time, with the two middle teeth first to change.

Two Tooth Goat
Milk Tooth  - Up to 13/15 months of age.
Two Tooth - Has 2 permanent teeth showing from about 13/15 months (plus 6 Milk teeth).
Four Tooth - Has 4 permanent teeth showing at 18/21 months of age.

Six Tooth   - Has 6 permanent teeth showing at 22/24 months of age.
Full Mouth  - Has 8 permanent teeth showing at 27/32 months of age.
Gummy      - Has all teeth broken or worn down to the gums or may even have fallen out.



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