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April, Athena, daughter Of JeaMar Arabian Stallion & April and Cookie  In The Back Ground Standing in a Snow Storm In Kentucky


Tompkinsville, Kentucky, USA
Tel: 270-487-9600


Niobie's Peak right now is a working farm for training Critters. I have over 50 critters on the property. I have Horses, Mini Horses, Mules, Pony Mule, Goats, Llama, Chickens, Roosters, Turkey, Cows, A Bull, Dogs, Cats, and Hybrid Wolves. I am looking forward to getting Zebras, Long Horns, Tortoise, and maybe others.

Check out the mini's I have for sale

I am a Horse Gentler, or some think of me as a Horse Whisper.  I can train almost any horse, and I do something that no other trainer does; I guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the work we both agreed I would do with your critter, you may bring him back to me before the 5th day and I will work with you and get your critter working so that you and your critter are working together in a harmonious manner.

I can even take the "hard to work" critters and most of the time gentle them out... I usually take them for about 4 to 5 days and I can tell you whether or not it is worth your money to have the critter gentled.

I can even teach mules, ponies, and horses to lay down so that a person that has a disability can climb onto their critter.

Newspaper Photo of Me Laying Down My Mule KatieQ With ToeToe Looking On.  I also have horses and mini horses for sale

I want to work with children with special needs, so that they can come up close and pet these critters and take care of a critter for a day or two. And I am hoping that I can ask the state for children that are in trouble with the law to help me work with the kids with special needs.  I believe this can help both. I hope to get funding for this. The money is what is holding up the Children's end of this. But I am hoping with enough horses to train, and enough children to teach to ride, then I will be able to go on with my project.


This Is My Arabian Stallion JeaMar

So if you have any critter problems please feel free to email me at:  or call me and I will get with you as soon as I can.

Good Luck &Thank you For Reading My Little World Here.

Gentle Critter Hugs,








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