Best Belgium Pertain Boars




Best Belgium Pietrain Boars
  Kersbeek Miskom, Belgium

Belgium Pietrain breeding boars: Aujesky-free A4, PRRS-free and BRUCELLOSIS-free. Garantee of covering and impregnation. Growth 580 grams/day, carré of 82,4 mm, pork thickness 5,2 meat 69.4%.

Bélgica Pietrain que cría verracos: Aujesky-libres A4, PRRS-y BRUCELLOSIS-libre. Garantee cubierta y impregnación. Crecimiento 580 grams/dia, carré 82.4 milímetros, carne 69.4%, del grueso 5.2

Il Belgio Pietrain che alleva i verri: Aujesky-liberi A4, Prrs- e BRUCELLOSIS-liberi. Garantee. Sviluppo 580 grams/day, un carré di 82.4 mm, carne 69,4% di spessore 5.2.

Pietrain élevage des porcs: Aujesky-libres A4, PRRS- et BRUCELLOSIS-libre. Garantee bâche et l'imprégnation. Croiss. 580 grams/day, carré de 82.4 mm, viande 69.4% de l'épaisseur de porc 5.2

Die Eber sind Aujeszky frei (A4) und PRRS- en BRUCELLOSE-frei.

Ergebnisse: tägliche Gewichtszunahme 580 Gramm/Tag, Karree 82.4 mm, Speckdicke 5,2, Fleischanteil von 69,4 %.


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 breeding farm "Van Kersbeek" has been raising breeding pigs for some 20 years. The company produces first-class breeding boars pigs. The Belgium Pietrain is the best inheriting breed of pig in the world and suitable for covering stress-negative sows, etc. Max's boars win 1st and 2nd prizes regularly. These prizes are based on his pigs high quality meat, their low percentage of fat, their thick hams and their large carree. Perhaps you would like to convice yourself in person of the quality of the breeding boars. This is always possible. All boars are strong and are in a excellent health condition and are declared Aujesky-free by the Aujeszky statute A4, PRRS-free and BRUCELLOSIS-free. The boars have a strong drive and they produce a large amount of sperm. The boars of Max Schilders are well known as well as in Belgium as abroad. The company has several well known Spermbanks as satisfied customers, see our page references. pigs pig boar  farm, ranch, blegium, websites, homesteads, farming, ranching, hogs, hog, pig, pigs, pigs, swine, breeding, pig breeders, pigs breeders, hogs breeders, breeding boars pigs, boar, boars, sows, hams, sper, boars, boars, hogs