Monitoring Growing Plants

PhyTech is a leading company in the area of Phytomonitoring. Phytech offers complete remote Phytomonitoring systems for increasing growers’ profits.

Phytech has proven the economical value of the Phytomonitoring system for growers in many crops and locations. Examples of success:

• Saving watering and fertilizing expenses.
• Increasing crop yield.
• Improving fruit size.
• Timing crop ripeness to match best price in the market.
• Replacing expensive methods of monitoring such as pressure  BOM.
• Saving labor expenses by wireless automatic data collection.
• Crop specific researches.

Phytech offers its wireless & wired sensors: Growth, Leaf temperature, sap flow, SMS, Tensiometer, Environmental and Scale sensors.

AgriSupportOnline offers remote agronomical services by our experienced agronomists.



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