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February 5, 2003

“PhyTalk”: Released for export since May 2002, the new PhyTech system has been installed successfully in the Netherlands (vegetables), South Africa (orchards), Spain (orchards and vegetables), Chile (orchards),  Japan (vegetables and research) and China (orchards).

In March 2003 dozens of PhyTalk installations are scheduled to take place worldwide.

PM-48: PhyTech introduced the first functional photosynthesis automatic monitor.  
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To meet new market demands, Phytech has launched a new product line for recording plant growth rate and enable determining plants growing needs.

Industrial Sensors – sensors provided with 0-2V or 4-20 mA linear output to be used with standard data logger or control device (see products). 

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During the 2001-2002 season Phytech, along with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, installed projects at 150 sites comprising of 36 crops. The results from these projects were published in Israel, suggesting significant saving in water and fertilizer usage, as well as improving production and quality.



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