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March 16, 2004

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The influence of the earth's warming on plant development in agriculture
Source: Phytech Technologies Ltd.

PhyTech Technologies is the world leading company in the area of Phytomonitoring and the only company that offers more than 30 types of sensors for various uses such as: plant sensors for recording growth rate and sap-flow as well as climate sensors for recording temperature, humidity and radiation. The Phytomonitoring system enables determination of the plants' growing needs and is suitable for all cultivated plants - flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, open-field crops, etc.

Phytomonitoring is a functional computerized technology for examining and analyzing real-time situations as well as the long-term development of plants. Positioned between the grower and the cultivated plants, the Phytomonitoring system provides the grower with essential information about the plants' physiology and growing conditions. Based on this information, more accurate decisions can be formed, ultimately bringing about higher production and better quality.

Phytek Technologies has developed a new technology which will serve scientists taking part in an international research project investigating the influence of the earth's warming on plant development in agriculture and in nature. The Israeli company has just completed the development of a system which will enable examining the influence of external factors (radiation, soil moisture, temperature, and elements in the sky) on the process of plant photosynthesis. The system, called PM-48, will be used by a group of scientists from Israel, Japan and Turkey, led by Prof. Yiftah Ben-Asher of the Institute for Desert Research of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The research is being conducted in several regions of the world for the purpose of building models showing the influence of the earth's warming on the various components of life's aspects in agriculture and nature in the coming decades.

The Israeli company's development includes installed end-user units which supply information on plant activity in field conditions. This will enable the scientists to understand the processes which have many implications on the future survival of mankind on the planet Earth.

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