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July 19, 2003

Phytech develops, produces and markets plant control systems applying phytomonitoring technology developed by the company.  Phytech is active in the field of agriculture and has recently developed tools for research and education. The company has completed development of a new system for monitoring plants, measuring  photosynthesis, water uptake (transpiration), growth rate, etc.  The system was developed at Phytech and was chosen for use by an international institute based in Japan (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature based in Kyoto) and conducting research on the influence of global warming on plant development, both in nature and in agriculture.  The institute sent an expedition team, headed by Professor Yiftach Ben-Asher of the Desert Research Institute at Ben-Gurion University, to conduct 10 days of measurements in Turkey.

 Results of measurements carried out at Phytech laboratories in Israel were sent for analysis to Japan.  Tests there determined that the Phytech system was more suitable than other devices used for the same purpose and that it represents a breakthrough in the field of plant monitoring.  The results of the expedition were satisfactory and will be published soon.

Professor Ben-Asher is quoted as saying that the Phytech system is the first of its kind in the world, with distinct advantages over its competitors the simplicity of operation, continuous measurement, convenient data analysis, and unique method of monitoring soil respiration and plant water evaporation.



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