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PhyTech LTD of Israel announced the opening of a sales, support, and distribution office for the North American (USA / Canada) market.

Amherst, MA USA.
Yad-Mordechai, Israel.

October 27, 2003

PhyTech LTD, the leader in the field of monitoring and analyzing of plant conditions (Phytomonitoring) announced today the opening of a sales, support and distribution office for the North American market.

"We want to provide the best possible support to our customers in North America" said Dr. Oded Sagee, VP Business Development who added: "Our leading edge sensors, communication, and analysis tools are proven to reduce cultivation cost and improve yield in green houses, vineyards, vegetable farms, orchards, and citrus groves around the world. Local support is essential to build the partnership our customers expect and deserve".

"The future of horticulture involves phytomonitoring. Knowledge has business value, and Phytomonitoring is empowering growers by delivering real time, accurate information about plant and environmental conditions" said Dror Shmerling, North America Sales Manager. We used to say "If trees could talků with our systems, not only trees can "talk", they can make phone calls!" Mr. Doron Abramovitch, CEO of the company noted that the goal for 2004 is to deliver 100 systems to growers, research organizations and agronomic support companies in the US and Canada.
PhyTech's phytomonitoring technology is based on state-of-the-art sensors attached to the plants and capable of reading various physiological parameters. The parameters are then used as indicators of the stress level of the plant and help the user to know if the plant needs irrigation or is growing to its optimal capacity. The data from the sensors is wirelessly transmitted to a remote computer and then processed with tailor made software. The user receives on his computer screen all the necessary data for guiding him to make the appropriate agronomic decisions which will maximize his yields, crop quality and eventually his income and profits.
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