Wireless Plant Monitoring System (PMS)


PhyTech is a pioneer and a leader in Phytomonitoring™; the practice of Remote Sensing and Monitoring of Plants. Our advanced solutions use innovative software for collecting and analyzing data, state-of-the-art sensors, and wireless communication. Our systems improve crop production and reduce cultivation costs by providing timely and accurate information regarding the physiological status of the plants and identifying stress conditions before they impact the plant or the fruit.
THE UNIQUENESS OF THE PMS is provided by its complex character;
combining hardware (sensors, data logging and communication
facilities), software (data logging and graphics) and application
(selecting a rational set of sensors, allocation of sensors, data
interpretation techniques and decision-support procedures).
Phytomonitoring™ is thus defined as an Information and Decision-
Support System for Crop production, delivering a complete solution for
plant monitoring applications.

 PhyTech is the only provider of a
complete Phytomonitoring™ solution


The Product

PhyTalkTM is an advanced system for remote wireless sensors that monitor plants (Phytomonitoring™). The system collects physiological and environmental data directly from the plant using enhanced sensors that communicate the data to software that analyzes and presents it in a useful and user-friendly format. The product provides crop managers and other specialists and consultants with a unique tool to collect data, analyze it, explore trends, and alert the grower when stress conditions develop.

The PhyTalk™ System

PhyTalk is designed as a modular, distributed system. New sensors can be added as
needed. The architecture supports cost effective deployment of sensors over large
geographical area. The system consists of 4 components:
Sensors Measure a variety of parameters, providing relevant and precise information about plant and environmental conditions.
Communications Supports cordless deployment of sensors in the field and wireless communication to remote computer anywhere in the world.
Software Developed by experts in the field of Phytomonitoring, the
software support the analysis and interpretation of data in real
time by displaying it in easy to read formats such as graphs and
tables and supporting disorder prevention.
Application Techniques Recommended measurement protocols and decision-support
procedures for major horticultural crops.
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