Phytograph Phytalk Software
PhytoGraph™ is a tool for generating both general and specific charts for analysis of plant growth, development, and plant-environmental interaction.

  • Generates both single-axis and multi-axis charts with any combination of recorded and computed values.
  • Allows to create derivative values, based on a single data source (daily average air temperature, for instance) and several data sources (leaf-air temperature difference, for instance).
  • Offers a list of precomputed derivatives like VPD (vapor pressure deficit), dew point temperature, reference evapotranspiration by FAO56, stem daily contraction amplitude, etc.
  • Has a Wizard tool for creating user-defined simple derivatives based on summation, subtraction, integration, finding maxima, minima, daily averages, and some other operations.
  • Enables calculating daytime and nighttime characteristics separately.
  • Allows shifting a part of the curve along Y-axis that is very useful for eliminating shifts resulted from accidental movement of growth sensor, for instance.
  • Has a tool for generating reports.
  • Allows exporting data for presentation in Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.  
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