Phytomonitoring Industrial Sensors

A wide range of electronic sensors, designed to assess the most common characteristics of intact plants under study



The Industrial series of the phytomonitoring sensors were
designed for the use with the most of commercial data loggers.


Stems -  A series of highly precise incremental sensors for monitoring stem diameter microvariations in plants.


Fruits - A series of absolute displacement sensors permits the recording of both the size and diurnal growth dynamics of intact fruits from 3 to 160 mm diameter.
Relative Sap Flow - Three models of relative-rate sap flow sensor, designed for leaf petiole, stem and trunk.
Leaf Temperature - A sub-miniature leaf temperature sensor provides high accuracy, with minimal influence on the thermal conditions of a leaf.

Power Supply
All sensors require a regulated 10 to 30 Vdc power supply.
Data Logging
Each sensor has 0-2 Vdc, and optional 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA output, selectable by the user. Fit for use with most of commercial data loggers and data acquisition systems.
Sensors - Industrial Series
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