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Mist Control In

Aerial Spraying

Grower Solutions Magazine
Lefroy Valley 

April 2002

The recent introduction of Mist Control. to agriculture has resulted in some excellent results lately, and the following experience of North Queensland's Tableland Air Services is a typical case. Mark McDonald, owner and pilot of Tableland Air Services was engaged to spray a broadleaf herbicide through a barley crop, directly adjoining a sensitive lupin crop and across a country lane from an actively growing potato crop. Normally he would be rather hesitant to spray near the boundaries of the crop, since the risk of drift into the other crops is considerable. However in this case he decided to use Mist Control. in the spray mix.  At the time of application the wind, although slight, favored drift into the adjoining lupins, but by leaving only one swath width, Mark was able to ensure no Mark with his aerial spraying plant.

damage was caused to the lupins. On inspection of the lupin crop Mark decided to respray the barley, closer to the lupins, next time he had a suitable mix in the plane. This was done a few days later, with the result that good weed control was achieved up to 2 metres from the edge of the barley, without damage to either the lupins or the potatoes. Mark now considers Mist Control. to be an important part of his spray program, particularly when using herbicides. His result was borne out in recent patternation tests, where Mist Control. was shown to reduce downwind drift from the swath, and also to reduce the wing tip vortex effect in the spray pattern. Mark was so impressed with the performance of the Mist Control. he asked Lefroy Valley if they had any other 'good' products he could use and was subsequently introduced to Spray Aide, a compatibility aid and tank cleaner. Mark tried the product on CP nozzles caked with months of chlorothalonil residues and found them to be very easily cleaned. He was amazed, since he has tried a range of other cleaning agents without success. .Registered trademark of Miller Chemical & Fertilzer Corporation USA by Paul Meibusch

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