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Lefroy Valley

June 2001

When large grub numbers threatened the crops of John Gorza of Star Farms (pictured here) awell known Bundaberg Zucchini and Eggplant grower, several applications of BT were applied in an attempt to stop damage. John professes that he was pretty worried when the BT did little to reduce the numbers and was looking to use a harder alternative when Pheast was brought to his attention. Pheast is a feeding stimulant for heliothis and other pest larvae and is designed to encourage the grub to ingest increased amounts of the conventional pesticide it is mixed with. Pheast masks the smell and taste of the pesticide, inducing the grub to feed on products that may otherwise repel or be unpalatable to the grub.

"I knew the grubs just weren't feeding on the BT and I was looking at having to use a contact product to clean them up. Since we were close to harvest this was concerning as we didn't want problems with residues" John explained. "I mixed in 500gms of Pheast per hectare with our final attempt with BT and the results were brilliant." John found that the Pheast stimulated the grub to eat the BT this time and gave him the clean, grub- free crop he was looking for. Pheast is a cost- effective way of getting more activity out of your conventional insecticides. It is compatible with all insecticides and is especially recommended for those requiring ingestion such as BT's. "Every time I have trouble controlling grubs in the future I know I will be reaching for the bag of Pheast." Written by P. Meibusch with permission of John Gorza.

Written by P. Meibusch with permission of John Gorza

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