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Look out for Rhizoctonia

Grower Solutions Magazine
Lefroy Valley 
Dec 2000

Rhizoctonia was, and still is one of the most devastating disease for Brassica growers in Victoria. 


Dry, brittle rot of stem at or above soil level.

Plant wilts, may collapse and eventually die.

Infected stem may be somewhat smaller in diameter than normal , but tough and woody.

Disease is favoured by warm wet soil. 

The fungus Rhizoctonia Solani is a common soil inhabitant and can survive for a long time, but will not become economically destructive until the right environmental conditions come together. Infection is frequently initiated by physical damage at soil level (wind, transplanting or insect damage). Control can be achieved by soil fumigation, crop rotation, fungicide treatment and biological treatment. Trichoderma is one of a small group of beneficial fungi being successfully utilised on a commercial scale for biological control of pathogenic fungi.


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