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Grower Solutions - Dec 2001

The End to Blossom Rot -end

Blossom end rot is a calcium related disorder which can cause huge crop losses both before and after harvest. Tomatoes, peppers and melons are very prone to blossom end rot, particularly when under stress through difficult environmental conditions or heavy fruit fill. 
This complicated condition is linked to several factors including: Low calcium, boron deficiency, irregular or over irrigation, high fruit load (carbohydrate shortage), excess nitrogen or high transpiration. 

Sufficient calcium has proven to help reduce the incidence of Blossom End Rot in all three crops. The difficulty arises with getting adequate uptake. Even with good irrigation techniques and controlled nitrogen, the uptake of calcium can be blocked. This is where targeted foliar applications can be useful. 

Calmabon is a new introduction from Lefroy Valley, specifically formulated to improve calcium uptake. Growers of Capsicums, Tomatoes and Melons will benefit from this with reduced Blossom End Rot and improve fruit quality. 


Calmabon has the ideal balance of calcium, boron and molybdenum in a convenient liquid formulation, reducing the need for difficult to spray cocktails or multiple sprays. Calmabon is unique in its high calcium content, balance and cost effectiveness. 

Calmabon has also been used very successfully in Brassicas to reduce internal cracking and brown bead, and to reduce tipburn in lettuce. 

In periods of extreme stress such as high temperatures, we recommend the use of Vapor Gard (anti- transpirant) to help plants cope with moisture loss. Mercury - Quality summer export curds.

Tips For Using Calmabon
Calcium sprays should be applied at a slightly acidic pH to increase uptake. 
Calmabon is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilisers but should be checked with a jar test. 
Contact and coverage of fruit is essential, as calcium translocation in plants is poor. 
Calcium sprays should not be done with low volume sprays as the majority of product will be taken up by the foliage. 
Calcium uptake can be substantially improved if applied with Nu- Film- 17.A

classic example of Blossom end rot.

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