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Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy

: AgriTouism, Sheep Breeders
Location: USA
Date added: 12:3:58 2009-3-11

Description: We are a family farm milking sheep and making Cheese and other value added products from the milk. We are the only Sheep dairy offering FREE farm visits and a chance to Milk the Sheepe We are continually striving to improve our Dairy Flock and make the Best Sheeps Milk Products possible Everything from Lambing to Marketing is done on the Farm. All of our products are made in small batches to maintain the best quality possible. Our Cheese is a Mild Farmstead type with unique taste you can only get from Sheep's Milk. Sheep eat grass and hay like cows so the milk is not bitter or off flavor. This is as Pure as it gets!! Made with raw Sheeps Milk all of our Cheeses are aged 60 days or more. We maintain the creamy white color. Come To The Farm And Sample This Wonderful Pure Milk Cheese !

Contact person: Richard Christman
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