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  •   Wholesale Nursery Company
    Altamont, Tn, USA -- Wholesale Nursery Company was founded in 1932. Since we have grown to over 3400 production acres. Offering USDA certified plants, trees, wild plants, wetland natives, shrubs and perennials. Shipping to all states and 13 foreign countries

  •   Acadian Seaplants Limited
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    World Leader in Marine Plant Products for Plants, People and Animals. Provider of Fertilizers, Biostimulants and Animal feed Supplements made from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed or Seaweed extract.
  • Greenhouse Film - GSE WorldFilm
    Houston, TX, USA -- Manufacturer of range of greenhouse film products for use in virtually any climate, in addition to water reservoir liners, canal & channel liners, and temporary tanks.

  • AgriSupportOnline - From Planning to Market Place
    AgriSupportOnline is a leading business staffed with a uniquely qualified team of agricultural experts and involved in projects planning and agronomic support all over the world. Our benefit to you is the capability to combine your specific needs anywhere in the world with our years of first hand agronomic know-how and state-of-the-art agricultural technology - and to deliver you an integrated "One Stop Shop" service system.

  •   Dynamic Organic
    Hesperia, CA, USA -- DYNAMIC ORGANICS SOIL NUTRITION provides every essential nutrient your soil needs to grow your life-giving, earth-saving garden - Naturally! Safely!  A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY GARDEN STARTS WITH THE SOIL! *  When you have healthy, nutrient rich soil you have strong, healthy plants that are less prone to insect infestation and diseases.

  •   Agriculture Solutions LLC
    Strong, ME, USA -- Agriculture Solutions LLC. Company offering you some of agricultures highest quality natural and organic products. The website puts an emphasis on raising high quality mineral dense foods for the added HEALTH benefits of high quality produce grown without the use of poisons. Their product range includes foliar sprays, liquid fertilizers, soil conditioners, liquid NPK's, organic chelates, fish emulsion, seaweed spray, organic pesticide and much more. The Website also puts an emphasis on educating farmers and consumers and contributes regular newsletters, crop programs, FAQs, articles and more. Great site that is worth checking back on for their regular updates

  •   CJF Irrigation Design and Consultancy
    Beijing, China -- Colin Friedman MSc Irrigation & Chartered Environmentalist uses state of the art WCADI software to prepare tailor-made irrigation designs for clients all over the world. With over 25 years experience in the irrigation industry Colin has designed irrigation projects in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, England, Finland, Guatemala, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay.


  •   Global Greenhouse Systems
    Mobile, AL, USA -- Gothic Arch Greenhouses as served the Horticulture Industry for over 60 years as manufacturers and distributors of Greenhouses, Shadehouses and related Equipment. Today, a new division has been created, 'Global Greenhouse Systems', which serves as the international marketing arm of Gothic Arch Greenhouses. Global Greenhouse Systems & Gothic Arch Greenhouses now offers international greenhouse capability through collaboration with many of the worlds largest greenhouse manufacturers.

  •   AGRATOR - a Leading Spanish Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery
    Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain -- Since 1960 AGRATOR is the Spanish leading manufacturer of heavy duty tractor implements such as rotary tillers, shredders, flail mowers, power harrows, potato ridgers and stone buriers from 85 cm. to 6 m. working width. Our equipment is strong, long lasting and reliable and fits tractor powers ranging from 20 to 300 HP. They have a 2-year guarantee and we are able to service parts to our dealers within the week.


  •   Songbird Garden
    Cape Fair, MO, USA -- Offering a wide selection of quality wild bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, wild bird food, binoculars, wildlife items, garden décor and gifts for the backyard birding enthusiast and outdoor nature lover. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Azrom Greenhouses
    AZROM is Israel's leader in the design, engineering and production of greenhouses for all crop requirements and climatic conditions, with satisfied customers in Israel and in more than 40 countries worldwide. AZROM specializes in Turn-key Projects including feasibility studies, choice of structure, area location, and supply and installation of infrastructure and greenhouse equipment.  AZROM is the major supplier of greenhouses in Israel, with worldwide annual sales of more than 300 hectares of greenhouses. Farmers and growers throughout the world know that AZROM Greenhouses, backed by our extensive support and service, provide the optimal conditions for increased quality yields and profitability.




  •   Millican Pecan Company
    Quality Pecans, Candies, and Pies Shipped Directly from the Pecan Capital of the World. A Texas Family Tradition Since 1888.

  •   Oxygen Pot Grow Systems
    Temecula, CA, USA -- Hydroponic Grow Sytems, Grow Tents, and the best and finest products in the hydro industry.


  • Garden Debut - New Plant Introductions
    Park Hill, OK, USA -- Garden Debut® represents a combined group of plant breeders and growers dedicated to the introduction and marketing of new and improved plant varieties for the landscape...

  •   A.M.A. Plastics Ltd
    Kingsville, ON, Canada -- A.M.A. Hydroponics; Ellepots by A.M.A.; Al's Flower Pouch II. Horticultural Growing Supplies. Growing Containers; Growing Media...

  •   Bio S.I. Technology, L.L.C. - Organic Products
    Justin, TX, USA -- Bio-S.I. Technology, LLC., was formed in 1996 and has a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products...

  •   GSE World Film
    Houston, TX, USA -- GSE World Film is a manufacturer of greenhouse films, aquaculture liners, water reservoir liners...

  •   Earth Friendly Organic Fertilizer
    Archer, FL, USA -- Online retailer and distributor of Pure Black Castings (99.9% Pure Worm Castings) and VermaPlex (liquid microbial Soil Inoculant made from these castings). Certified organic, OMRI listed. Use/applications guides on our website for these all natural organic fertilizers.

  •   EarthScape
    Negombo, Western, Sri Lanka -- We are manufactures and exporters of Coconut Coir related products such as briquettes, disks, coir blocks , & large bales. We also manufacture Coconut Husk chips and Coir Geo Textils.

  •   Hydrolab Hydroponics Shop UK
    Solihull, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom -- Hydrolab Hydroponics offer a range of hydroponics equipment including grow tents, HPS grow lights, RVK / HVK ventilation fans, carbon air filters, propagators, nutrients, grow lighting accessories, grow room tools, light ballasts, hydroponics systems and much more.

  •   Tullens Fruit Farm
    Bishops Stortford, Herts, UK -- Tullens fruit farm offers finest quality, fresh and delicious flavors apples, apple juice, apples and pears ,orange, fresh vegetables, organic lamb, popular varieties recipes of apple. Perfect food shop for fruit lover of British apples in West Sussex, UK.

  •   ProVerde - Market Research and Trade Development
    Bemmel, Netherlands -- ProVerde is an internationally oriented consultancy firm providing market research and trade development services. Based in The Netherlands, ProVerde is specialized in cut flowers & plants, young plant material, fruits & vegetables, and biodiversity products.

  •   Turf Grass Seeds
    Poplar Bluff, MO, USA -- Cane Creek Sod owned sod farm that produces high quality turf at a competitive price. Research and purchase sod seed, grass seed & turf grass seed online.

  •   Biological Farmers of Australia
    Chermside, QLD, Australia -- The peak organisation for the organic industry and movement in Australia. They assist in matters of education, trade, promotion and advocacy. BFA aims for a diverse and flourishing organic industry which profitably and sustainably meets the needs of consumers demanding certified organic foods and fibres.

  •   Bioprotect LTD
    Chisinau, Moldova -- FPC “BIOPROTECT” offers a wide and a well-balanced assortment of phytosanitary use products (about 100 names) that perfectly assure the correlation price – quality –efficiency. Also company is interested in export of concentrated apple juice, fresh fruits and vegetables,
    tined fruits and vegetables.

  •   Led Grow Lights
    Tustin, CA, USA -- We've invested a lot of time and money developing the most advanced LED growing light on the market for a very affordable price. Using LEDs, many of the problems that have plauged indoor growers for years simply disappear. We feel the time has come for LED lights to take their place as the de-facto standard in indoor growing.

  •   Gintec Shade Technologies
    Toronto, Canada -- Proguard and Vineyard netting services from Gintec Shade Technologies, Inc protects your vineyard from wind, bird, hail and sun. We offer best proguard installation, marketing and sewing services to the horticultural Industry.

  •   Gintec ProGuard - Proguard and Vineyard Protection
    Toronto, Canada -- Proguard and Vineyard netting services from Gintec Shade Technologies, Inc protects your vineyard from wind, bird, hail and sun. We offer best proguard installation, marketing and sewing services to the horticultural Industry.

  •   BC Northern Lights
    Surrey, BC, Canada -- BC Northern Lights manufactures custom built hydroponics machines, designed by growers for growers. We also design and manufacture all types of hydroponic and lighting supplies.

  •   Coco Gold
    Calicut, Kerala, India -- We are leading manufacturers of cocopeat products which is widely being used as a soil conditioner based in India. We can supply quality products at competitive rates.

  •   Plasponics Inc.
    Leamington, Ontario, Canada -- Plasponics is by far the most popular and widely accepted product line used by professional growers across North America. Engineered to be the fastest!

  •   Asian Institute of Technology - Biology, Agriculture and Horticulture in Thailand
    Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Thailand -- Provides up-to-date online searchable information on research in the life sciences in Thailand. Search 2,108 references to all aspects of biology, agriculture and horticulture in Thailand

  •   Viticulture and Enology: Grape Cultivation and Production
    Iraklio, Crete, Greece -- provides historic and current science articles on horticulture of grapes in vineyards. The site focuses on the cultivation and production of tablegrapes for fresh consumption and that of grapes for winemaking.

  •   Olericulture - Vegetable Cultivation and Production
    Bonn, Germany -- Cultivation of vegetables. Covers all aspects of vegetable cultivation and production.

  •   Pomology - Fruit Cultivation and Production
    Bonn, Germany -- Cultivation of fruits. Covers all aspects of fruit cultivation and production.

  •   Advanced Nutrients
    Vancouver, Canada -- Hydroponics and gardening supplies including organic nutrient products, enhancing fertilizers, grow lights and more at Advanced Nutrients.

  •   Oerlemans Plastics B.V
    4265 GB Genderen, The Netherlands -- Producer of special horticultural films like substrate films, co2 tubes, cooling and heating tubes for closed greenhouse systems, AF energy screens, hotneelde films for pot plants, diffusing films, dense white nursery films, need for a solution in films...ask us!

  •   Puckett Greenhouses
    Ararat, Va, USA -- We sell hobby greenhouses & commercial greenhouses. We also sell greenhouse supplies & growing supplies. We carry items such as dura bench, berry seeders, greenhouse coverings, modine heaters and fans and much more. We are a family owned business located in Ararat Va. Please check out our website today for more info.

  •   Raspberries
    Barnegat, NJ, USA -- Learn about the various types of summer-bearing and ever-bearing raspberries, and how to grow them. Site features a table of raspberry cultivar characteristics plus a selection of raspberry and bramble berry resources.

  •   Bethonga Whole Foods Pty Ltd
    Wamuran, Queensland, Australia -- Bethonga Whole Foods Pty Ltd consists of Bethonga Pines, responsible for horticultural activities, and Glasshouse Country Packing, responsible for packing and transport> Bethonga Whole Foods presents and markets selected fruit lines to supermarket, independent retail and foodservice clients across Australia.

  •   Welby Systems Group
    Auckland, New Zealand -- The company designs and manufactures small to large kitset and fully erect greenhouses, hot and shade houses, stock rearing and shelter houses, covers, carports and shed structures for domestic and commercial clients and educational and sporting institutions. Welby Systems markets its large range of products to farmers, horticulture growers, home owners, and commercial businesses.

  •   Verim Plastic
    Istanbul, Turkey -- Verim Plastik, established in 1966, produces plastic films for a wide range of applications within the agricultural, horticultural and construction industries.

  •   Hydroasis
    Culver City, USA -- Hydroponic Gardening supplies and systems Online Superstore features a great selection of hydroponics products, grow lights and equipment, indoor plant lighting, environmental controllers, Nutrients, organic fertilizers and Hydroponics kits

  •   Hoogenoord Horticultural Consultants
    Maassluis, Netherlands -- International crop consultants in soilless cultures of Tomatoes (all types), Cucumbers, Bell peppers. Production scemes, fertilisers scemes, pest control, climate setpoints, regular check of achievements according to production scemes.

  •   Anartelle
    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia -- Manufacture and distributor of electronic ballast for HID lighting systems. First manufacture of the 400w and 1000w EB world wide! Many other products on hand for the total package for the wholesaler or retailer.

  •   Norcal Creations
    Cedar Ride, CA, USA -- Computer controlled grow room and greenhouse automation. Innovative new products to increase yield, and decrease effort. Monitor Temperature, humidity, Co2, reservoir temp, pH, tds and more. Then use the information to control lights, fans, pumps, AC, dehumidifiers, or any other electrical device you man need in your room.

  •   Gourmet Gardens Outdoor Hydroponics
    Stockbridge, Michigan, USA -- Since 1987, Gourmet Gardens has been a top quality provider of cutting-edge hydroponic systems and concentrated plant nutrients.

  •   BioFarm Agricultural - Soil and Water Solutions
    Rockhampton, QLD, Australia -- Biological soil management, soil microbial inoculants, organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. Delta magnetic water conditioners for hard water, iron, calcium and salinity. Organically-certified inputs MicroVital, S.F.I. (Soil Fungal Inoculant), Stimuliser fulvic acid and BiOmega Fish Emulsion.

  •   Trueleaf Europe
    Galway, Ireland -- We provide Climate Control Systems for greenhouse/polythene tunnel horticulture and floriculture world wide. From heating, water management, fertilization, and air quality to name a few, we are here to help you get the growing environment you desire. Contact us for a FREE evaluation and costing analysis

  •   FarmTek
    Dyersville, Iowa, USA -- FarmTek offers greenhouses and accessories, garden supplies, poly buildings, portable garages, barn curtain, livestock and poultry housing, heating and cooling products, electrical and plumbing supplies, building materials, agricultural supplies, and more to help you manage your farm, nursery, business or home.

  •   Rishi Packers Ltd.
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India -- We are largest manufacturer of Shade Netting in the country & the same is being regularly exported to U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, UK etc. Our Shade nets are of high density polyethylene material treated with best known UV stabilizer against UV radiation in accordance with latest scientific knowledge which ensures long life of the product.

  •   RioCoco Coir Fiber Products
    Irving, TX, USA -- Ceyhinz Link International, Inc is one of the world’s largest suppliers of cultivation solutions with clean and controllable, 100% natural Coir-based substrate. Our RIOCOCO Coir substrates utilize the natural properties of processed Coir fiber and Coco Peat.

  •   The Broadway Mall Maintenance Corporation
    A volunteer organization that has refurbished the malls that run down New York's Broadway. Annual National Gardening Competition

  •   Hydroempire
    Granada Hills, USA -- Online hydroponic store for Sun Systems, Hydrofarm, Hydroponics, Hydroponic nutrients, Grodan Rockwool growing mediums, Germination Station, Agrosun, Grow lights, General Hydroponics, Grotek, Hortilux, Rockwool, organic hydroponic nutrients, Green Air, HID Lamps, Halide and sodium grow lights

  •   Semirec
    Pozo Estercho, Murcia, Spain -- Selling automatic transplanting machines and its trays.

  •   Agtechtours - Agricultural & Horticultural Technical Tours in Spain
    Lleida, Spain -- Providing Global Agronomists Progressive Knowledge. Ag-Tech Tours provides technical insight for Global agronomists to applied technology utilizing environmentally sustainable strategies that result in healthy high quality produce delivered to consumers

  •   GreenCoast Hydroponics
    Santa Barbara, CA, USA -- GreenCoast Hydroponics has a retail store in Santa Barbara, CA, and a full service online store as well. They specialize in automated growing, environmental control and advanced hydroponics. They guarantee low prices and offer discounts for package purchases.

  •   Handy4horticulture
    Louth, Lincs, United Kingdom -- Horticulturist with wide and successful experiance in vegetable seed technology, product management and marketing. Vegetable product development and management.

  •   H2Grow Hydroponics Online Horticulture
    Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, UK -- Hydroponics information & indoor growing advice from H2Grow, Online Shop hydroponics, plant lighting, grow tools & plants in the UK. Everything you need to cultivate & propagate plants without using soil. CHEAP HYDROPONICS

  •   Horticultural and Agricultural Films
    Zouk, Lebanon -- Manufacturers of a comprehensive line of PE films: Mulch film, soil disinfection / fumigation film, low tunnel film, reflective ground covers, hydroponics gully film, silage covers and compost bags.

  •   Over 700,000 OEM Spare Parts online from Europe
    Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany -- farmpartner-tec simply clever trading
    Our Company is trading with OEM spareparts of many makes like Case, Claas, John Deere, New Holland, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Ford, Same, Deutz, ...
    Over 700,000 spare parts online available.

  •   Polish Phytosanitary Association
    Warsaw, Poland -- Plant protection & phytosanitary issues, agriculture, ecology, law.

  •   AmPac Biotech
    Fresno, CA, USA -- Plant Helper is an organic plant growth promoter that enhances your plants vigor and yield, while protecting your plants from harmful soil born diseases.  It is environmentally friendly and all natural.

  •   Redpath Pacific Greenhouses - Australasia
    Bendigo and Palmerston North, Australia and New Zealand -- Greenhouse and ecoshelter manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural and horticultural equipment and accessories.

  •   Herb Farm @ Strodes Run
    Maysville, KY, USA -- Herb Farm at Strodes Run is a 63 acre certified organic farm featuring Sweet Annie Cafe', Library, Catered Meeting Space, How to Classes, Farm Tours, Horseback Riding Lessons, Antique Shop, and was voted Best of Maysville in 2003.  You are invited to visit our web site for seasonal hours and take a virtual tour of our farm.

  • Acta Horticulturae Online
    Online books and articles of the magazine "Acta Horticulturae". Full text only accessible for ISHS members or by payment.

  • ADAPA Organic Nutrients For Your Soil, Plants and Crops
    M*FLORANNA Organic Mineral Nutrients contains 100% natural for Soil, Plants Vegetables and Crops. The Miracle that will give you the Harvest that you deserve.

  • Agrich, Inc
    Winchester, IN, USA -- Wholesale seed supplier listing vegetable, flower, herb, field and tree seeds including low-cost open-pollinated, organic and heirloom varieties. Also provides marketing services to farmers, market growers, farmer's markets, and nurseries.

  • Australian New Crops Project 
    Encouraging the commercialisation of potential new crops (including herbs, spices, and other horticultural crops) in Australia. Includes newsletter and links.

  • Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Limited
    We are suppliers of Agriculture & Horticulture equipment, inc Massey Ferguson, CAT, Kubota, Jonsered. We also supply equine equipment for horse & rider as well as a wide range of feed.

  • Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit, U.S. National Arboretum
    Information on research activities at several locations, development of new plant varieties, and development of new technologies for agriculture, the florist and nursery industries, and home gardeners.

  • Gardenet
    Online horticultural information service. Australia.

  • Henry Doubleday Research Association
    The HDRA researches and promotes organic gardening in the UK.

  • Home Horticulture
    Extensive alphabetized listing of horticultural fact sheets and images. Grouped by type of plant and topic. Michigan State University.

  • Horticulture Resources
    Information about the horticultural technology with links to the Journal of Applied Horticulture, and horticultural societies.

  • Horticulture Solutions Series
    A collection of short notes on a number of horticultural topics.

  • Hungavit Organic Product Line
    Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico -- If you want to increase the quality and quantity 100% organicly you must have to use our product * 1996 world gold medal exhibition of invention, research and industrial innovation *

  • Hydroponics Project
    Photographic presentation of hydroponics project at Colorado State University.

  • Institute of Horticultural Economics
    German research institute based at Hanover University.

  • Institute of Vegetables and Ornamental Crops
    The Institute carries out basic and applied research supporting the sustainable production of vegetable and ornamental plants and the rational use of natural resources. Located approximately 20 km south of Berlin, the Institute was a research center for vegetable crops since 1925. Grossbeeren/Erfurt e.V. (Germany).

  • Lynx Products Corp.
    Bradenton, FL, USA -- Lynx Products Corp. is a manufacturer/distributor of conveyor components for the bulk and package handling industries.

  • North-American-Lubricants----Amsoil
    FREE Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants Catalog. Amsoil covers the lubrication needs of farming, small engines, cars, trucks, diesel trucks, racing, marine, commercial and industrial applications. Amsoil also offers other, farming, gardening, nursery, health products and more for your needs.

  • Postharvest Technology in India
    Aims to help Indian growers and sellers of fresh horticultural produce in keeping and preserving their stock till sale.

  • Sydney Postharvest Laboratory
    Serving the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, for matters including evaluation of postharvest technologies, storage and handling software, assistance with commercialization, patents, expert testimony, and cargo loss. Located in Sydney, Australia.

  • Taiwan Plant Corporation
    Arcadia, Ca, USA -- Engage the business of importing plants mainly from Taiwan, Thailand and other Asia countries, service of assisting with plants inspection, growing, promoting and marketing exotic plants that has high market value. Taiwan Plant Corporation is the distributor of Taiwan Plants Products (Farm)- the largest Pachira Aquatica (money tree) exporting farm and Taiwan Ornamental Plants Cooperation that managing the market of over 60% of Taiwan ornamental plants.

  • The American Society for Horticultural Science
    Promotes and encourages scientific research and education in horticulture within the United States and throughout the world. Publisher of HortScience, HortTechnology, and the Journal of ASHS. Alexandria, Virginia.

  • The Center for Urban Horticulture
    Research, teaching, and public service on the selection, management and role of plants and ecosystems in the urban environment. Maintains the Union Bay Gardens, Washington Park Arboretum, Miller Horticultural Library, the Hyde Horticultural Herbarium, and the Douglas Research Conservatory. College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, Seattle.

  • The Geophyte Page
    Information on herbaceous plants with underground storage organs such as bulbs, corms, and tubers. Oriented primarily towards commercial growers, forcers, and retailers. Production statistics, crop specific guidelines for major geophytic plants such as tulips, daffodils, and lilies. Clemson University.

  • The Horticultural Taxonomy Group
    Gives the history of HORTAX, an association of taxonomists and horticulturists interested in the classification and nomenclature of cultivated plants, member information and links to the archives of HORTAX News.

  • Vijay's Cyber World
    A collection of links on horticulture and agriculture.

  • Yosef Mizrahi's Homepage
    Biological and horticultural aspects of wild and rare fruit and nut trees of warm climates. Biology of cacti. Abnormally-ripening-fruit mutants.


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