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  •   Knocknagulagh Boer Goat Stud - Boer goats? - information here for new Boer goat breeders includes Boer goat health, handling, 1st Aid Kit for goats, Boer goat influence on goat meat production, Goat meat, Boer bucks & does, Recipes, Boer goats mating & kidding, Tattooing and tagging Boer goats. Hoof trimming and how to tell the age of Boer goats. Our Fullblood South African Boer goat photos.

  •   Nortenhof Boer Goats Stud
    Paterson, NSW, Australia -- A prestigious Boer Goat Stud property and accredited quarantine facility at picturesque Paterson in the heart of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia. The Stud has successfully established itself as a top producer of high quality Boers with superior meat, growth traits and fertility.

  • Six Point Farm - Nubian & Guernsey Dairy Goats
    Bloomington, IL, USA -- Six Point Farm is a small family farm located in central Illinois. We raise registered Nubian and Guernsey dairy goats. Quality stock. Annual CAE testing. Visit our website for more information about our animals!

  • Staveleyfarms Boer Goats
    st.anicet , QC, Canada -- At Staveleyfarms we are raising quality full blood, purebred, and high percentage Boer meat goats for reproduction stock as well as market meat kids...

  • Quicksilver Farms Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
    Shoshone, ID, USA -- Healthy, well bred nigerian dwarf dairy goats. We ship kids nationwide.

  • Ross Alpaca Ranch
    hubbard, OH, USA -- Ross Alpaca Ranch is located in North East Ohio where 80 alpacas, 21 llamas and 3 miniature fainting silky goats reside...

  •   North Arkansas Meat Goat Association
    Yellville, Arkansas, USA -- The North Arkansas Meat Goat Association and it's members are a non-breed specific meat goat organization...

  •   Critter Ridge - Boer Meat Goats
    Yellville, Arkansas, USA -- Critter Ridge has been breeding goats since 1962 and full blood Boer meat goats since 1999, breeding for hardiness, fertility, resistance to internal parasites, and efficient meat production...

  •   Still Waters Farm
    Troup, TX, USA -- We are a small farm near Tyler, Texas specializing in raising quality registered Miniature Nubians & AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats...

  •   Cimarron Valley Ranch - Small Breed Livestock
    Cleveland, Ok, USA -- We have small breed livestock on 24 acres of natural prarie, Dexter Cattle, Miniature Zebu, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats...

  •   Staveley Farms - Purebred Boer and Commercial Meat Goats
    St. Anicet, Quebec, Canada -- Staveleyfarms we are located in St. Anicet Quebec Canada not far from Montreal or Cornwall Ontario...

  •   Ascott's Painted Desert Sheep
    Joshua, TX, Johnson -- We raise Registered Painted Desert Sheep. Please see our website for more information.

  •   Galilee Knights Arabians
    Galilee Hills, Israel -- Galilee Knights Arabians is situated in the heart of the Galilee Hills, in the middle of the gentle sloping valleys and woodland of the Mediterranean...

  •   Rancho Buena Vista Pygmy Goats
    White Water, CA, USA -- Pygmy goat farm that buys, sells and breeds registered pygmy goats. We have a variety of colors to choose from. Great for pets, 4H, show quality, or weed control...

  •   Briar Mountain Farm
    Rocky Mount, VA, USA -- Briar Mountain Farm breeds and sells Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats in Rocky Mount, Virginia. We also make and sell goat's milk soap...

  •   Somis Boer Goats
    Somis, CA, USA -- We have a small herd of ABGA registered goats. Our goats are given much affection and they contain the top bloodlines in the industry...

  •   Little Gifts Farm
    Weatherford, TX, USA -- We sell Nigerian Dwarf Goats that are registered with the AGS and NDGA...

  •   Weatherbury Farm Grass-fed Meats
    Avella, PA, USA -- Weatherbury Farm is a family owned grass-fed beef and sheep farm located southwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our meats are sustainably grown. We use no artificial steroids...

  •   Apothecary Inn
    Jacksonville, OR, USA -- The Apothecary Inn resides on five acres of fenced pastures, majestic oak trees, and a seasonal creek. It is a working mini-ranch, and the innkeepers are registered breeders..

  •   Carolina Caprines
    Jacksonville, NC, USA -- we raise ags registered Nigerian dwarf goats. they make excellent pets. lots of colors and blue eyes...

  •   Pride of Texas Ranch
    Scurry, TX, USA -- Pride of Texas Ranch takes pride in our health care program and have set high standards for our breeding program. Colorful spring babies arriving daily from permanent and master champion pedigrees...

  •   Rough River Boers LLC
    Webster, Kentucky, USA -- We raise Full Blood Boer Goats with the intent of having kids with faster weight gains and more meat. Our genetics include 7A+, Liveoak, Perfect Ten, Honey Girl, Dyna-Mo, Topbrass...

  •   Daisy Mae Ranch - Boer Goats
    Beggs, OK, USA -- We are breeding full Cod/PCI South African Boer Goats. Home of Ennobled Renoir's Codi, a full Codi/PCI Champion Sire. Codi is the youngest Buck to become Ennobled in the USA...

  •   CB Valley Farm
    Albuquerque, NM, USA -- CB Valley Farm raises a small herd of Boer Goats. Our goats are healthy and friendly. We have full bloods and percentages. Our herd was started from a nice group of does from Emerald Boers...

  •   Quicksilver Farms Nubian Dairy Goats
    Buhl, ID, USA -- Breeders of purebred Nubian dairy goats with genetics for show and milkability. Located in southern Idaho...

  •   Locust Tree Farm
    Port Republic, Va, USA -- We breed and sell fiber animals, Colored Angora goats, Colored Pygora goats and Icelandic sheep. Quality kids and lambs available for selection in the spring...

  •   Central Coast Boer Goats
    Morro Bay, California, USA -- We raise a small herd of well kept fullblood, purebred and percentage boer goats. Colors Traditional, Red, Paints...

  •   Thunder*Ridge Nubians
    Marsing, ID, USA -- Show Quality purebred Nubian dairy goats

  •   Giant Stride Farm
    Onoway, Canada -- Proud Canadian goat ranchers who’ve been in the business of raising goats since 1990. We’ve been focused on developing a line of purebred colored Boer goats – particularly blacks.

  •   Wind Sheperd Farm
    Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada -- We take pride in our goats and can offer you Boer Goats and Saanens which are either registered with the Canadian Goat Society (CGS) and Canadian Meat Goat Association (CMGA). Breeding and commercial stock available.

  •   Hollowbead Ranch Goats By Brandi
    Tuscumbia, Alabama, USA -- We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats and Pygmy goats. We pride ourselves on having good, healthy animals. Our goats come in a WIDE range of color patterns, and we are even fortunate enough to have a few Blue-Eyed Nigerians in our breeding program. We have roughly 40 head of goats, therefore we almost always have kids available for sale or at least some on the way.

  •   Chicory Springs Farm Miniature Dairy Goats
    Chewelah, WA, USA -- Breeders of Mini Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Pet and show quality available. Disease free, vet certified herd.

  •   Ole Goat Farm
    Halfway, MO, USA -- We are a small farm located in Missouri. We raise purebred Nubians who are both show quality and good milkers.

  •   North Eden Farm
    Edenwold, Canada -- We presently have one hundred purebred, percentage registered and commercial does. Our purebred stock is from South African bloodlines and Full Canadians bred up using purebred registered bucks and the offspring of our original herd.

  •   KAKO Farms Ltd.
    Drake, Canada -- KAKO Farms' primary goal is to raise quality breeding stock for our customers and raise thick meaty kids for market.

  •   Terre d'Esprit Boer Goats
    Earlham, IA, USA -- Registered fullblood and percentage Boer goats. Breeding stock and commercial stock.

  •   Double C Farms
    Greencastle, IN, USA -- Double C Farms - Fullblood and Percentage Boer Goats - Greencastle, Indiana

  •   D Upton Enterprises, LLC
    Cincinnatus, NY, USA -- We are a small farm in Central NY. We breed and raise meat goats, Alpine goats, and Boer/Alpine cross. We also raise and breed Maremma Livestock Guard Dogs. Our farm is family based and we work hard to sell great animals!

  •   Tejas Ranch
    Yantis, Texas, USA -- We have a small family owned Farm in East Texas and believe we have the healthiest happiest Pygmy Goats, Painted Desert Sheep and Barbado Sheep in our area. They have all their shots, fed twice a day, have vitamins and minerals available 24 hours and are fed hay year round. No one has better animals than us. All ages and sexes. $50 and up. Boer Goats also available.

  •   2J Boer Goat Ranch
    Springtown, TX, USA -- We offer quality Boer goats for sale most of the year, bloodlines include Eggs, Agnew's, Bo-Dudley, Circle R Cobra and percentage goats.

  •   Mighty Oaks Boers
    Live Oak, FL, USA -- Neal and Shannon Croft - Breeders of South African Boer Goats. Mighty Oaks Boers Goat Farm in Live Oak Florida, listing of goats for sale.

  •   Daisy Mae Ranch - Home of Renoir's Codi
    Beggs, Oklahoma, USA -- Full South African Boers with full Codi/PCI breeding from our Ennobled "Renoir's Codi". Most of our brood does are direct daughters of ennoble sires. Renoir's Codi is the youngest ennobled Buck on record and said to be one of the top four producing herd sires in the Country. View our web-site and click on our Codi/PCI page to see what Renoir's Codi or his direct son can do for your herd improvement and breeding program.

  •   East Kentucky Boer Goats
    Jackson, KY, USA -- East Kentucky Boer Goats breeds top quality fullblood Boer goats. We are located in beautiful Breathitt County. Our goats are mainly sold to other people wishing to show goats or as foundation goats. We breed for size and resistance to common problems. If you are interested in adding quality to your herd you have came to the right place.

  •   Alpha Omega Ranch
    Salmon, ID, USA -- Breeders of superior quality Sporthorses, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Icelandic Sheep and Komondor livestock guard dogs. We breed and raise our animals naturally. Our horses, goats and sheep free range browse in a high altitude, organic environment so they are healthy and happy.

  •   Hickory Hill Boers
    Dry ridge, KY, USA -- We are a family run farm that strives to raise quality fullblood boer goats.

  •   Hickory Ridge Boer Farm
    Medora, IN, USA -- We raise registered Boer Goats for breeding stock, 4-H and meat.

  •   TradeMark Pygmy Goats
    North Branch, MI, USA -- We raise pet pygmy goats for breeding and selling. We also offer stud services.

  •   Indigo Run Dairy Goats
    Moscow, OH, USA -- We are located in southwest Ohio and raise registered Oberhasli and Alpine Dairy Goats.

  •   Wright's Hill Farm
    Rustburg, Virginia, USA -- Breeders of quality fullblood and percentage Boer Goats for sale in Virginia. We specialize in Reds, Paints, and Traditional. We have superb stock, and excellent bloodlines. Our herd sires include Kabu, a massive red buck, and Thunder, a Gold Strike Son.

  •   Twin Meadows Farm
    Glencoe, Kentucky, USA -- Twin Meadows Farm, located in Gallatin County in Northern Kentucky, is home to a small herd of ADGA Nubian Dairy Goats. We strive to meet every goat lover's need, whether it be show, 4H, family milk doe or pet.

  •   Trigfry Goat Stud
    Mudgee, NSW, Australia -- We have been breeding goats for over 25 years. Currently we are breeding Saanens, Anglo Nubians and Boer Goats. Our goats have been exported to many countries around the world. For many years we ran a small commercial goat dairy along with our stud. We are very happy to try and give advise on any goat problems you may have. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  •   Crescent Farm
    Crescent City, FL, USA -- We are fully committed to a permaculture design, principles of Agroecology and Sustainability. We are learning from our mistakes and now we manage our farm with great care to preserve the land, air and water, and to raise our animals in a humane way keeping the ecological equilibrium. We raise our livestock free of animal by-products, animal fats and antibiotics; we recycle our livestock manure.

  •   Chinook Meadows Farm
    Central Point , Oregon, USA -- Purebred Nubian dairy goats bred for conformation and milk production. CAE & CL-free herd. Registered, bottlefed goat kids for sale. Breeding stock and pet wethers.

  •   Ragels Ziegenhof
    New Braunfels, Texas, USA -- We raise Registered Nubian Dairy Goats, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Boer Goats. We raise our kids on a CAE prevention program. We are located just south of New Braunfels TX. Please feel free to have a look on our website and contact us for more information on our animals.

  •   Northern Kentucky WindyAcres
    Dry Ridge, Kentucky, USA -- "Raising Nubians the Natural Way" Breeder of ADGA Registered Purebred and American Nubian Dairy Goats on a small, family farm located in the peaceful hills of Dry Ridge, KY in Grant County USA.

  •   The Barnes Farm
    Hays, Kansas, USA -- We are a small hobby farm located just west of Hays, Kansas. We raise several types of miniature livestock including miniature horses, miniature donkeys, llamas, alpacas and pygmy goats.

  •   Southern Touch Farm
    Brandon, MS, USA -- We raise quality show worthy dairy goats in Central Mississippi. Our herd consists of the breeds of Alpine, Nubian, Toggenburg and Oberhasli. We also have a jersey family milk cow and a small flock of Rhode Island and Arcanan laying hens. We manufacture our own feed so we can be certain no chemical additives are consumed by our animals. We sell our goats for show, breeding and pets. All of the goats are bottle raised by my family so they are very "tame" and love attention from their human "moms". You can also see and order from our website our Luxury Goat Milk Soap.

  •   Sweetwater Farm Breeders of Babydoll Southdown Sheep
    Hampstead, Maryland, USA -- We are located on a 31 acre Farm in the rolling hills of north east Carroll County Maryland. We share our home with horses, Pygmy Goats and our flock of Olde English Babydoll Sheep. Our flock is made up of mostly Black Babydolls and some white. We apply only the best in breeding practice and we do not inbreed.

  •   FSM Farms
    Mountain Grove, MO, USA
    Our ranch is located in the Ozarks, in the rural town of Mtn Grove, Missouri. We have a 101 acres and raise a variety of livestock for breeding, pets or products.

  •   Rocky Road Farm
    We are located in the Cutting Horse Capital of the World, Weatherford, Texas. Weatherford is located 30 minutes west of Fort Worth, Texas just a easy drive west on nice Texas highways. We will be breeding , and growing % boer, and FB boer wethers for the major shows that will be weaned, vaccinated, disbudded, wormed, and preparation fitted, ready to show in the major shows.

  •   HeatherLane Farms
    Asheville , NC, USA -- AGS/ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarfs, Nubians and Oberhasli, as well as MDGA registered Mini Nubians and Mini Oberhasli. We strive to for dairy conformation and milk production.

    Vancouver, BC, Canada -- is the first manufacturer of quality clothing and accessories for goats including Dress Shoes, Running Shoes and Purple Pygmy Party Pants.

  •   Goat Central
    El Dorado, CA, USA -- We raise purebred kiko and and kiko cross goats. We use them in vegetation management projects, they are hardy and hard working. We occasionaly have livestock guardian dogs and border collies available. We are members of the AKGA, IKGA, and AMGA.

  •   Daikini Acres
    New Braunfels, TX, USA -- We are a small dairy farm located in New Braunfels Texas. Specializing in Quality Nigerian Dwarf goats. Check out our web site for pictures of goats for sale.

  •   New Hope Farm
    Castleton, VA, USA -- We breed, train and sell horses, do pony ride parties, raise naturally raised beef, chicken and pork. We also have a small herd of goats and are getting into livestock guardian dogs to protect our goats.

  •   Baty's Boer Goat Country
    Knox City, TX, USA -- Welcome to Goat Country! A comprehensive information developed for Boer Goat enthusiasts. Registered Full Blood & Percentage Goats; Goat Health, Nutrition, Illnesses & Diseases; Boer Goats For Sale; Show Goats Available

  • Kedron Hill Farms
    MS, USA -- Breeders of quality percentage Boer does and wethers for FFA, 4-H, breeding, showing, or market.
  •   Boer Boys Farms
    Thompson, IA, USA -- Borchure site for North-Central Iowa breeders of fullblood Boer goats.Site includes photos, prices, for sale, breed information and farm location.
  •   Whispering Dove Farm Boer Goats
    Foster, KY, USA -- Raising fullblood and percentage boer goats. We offer traditionals, reds and blacks all with exceptional pedigrees.
  •   Bayou Acres Boer Goats
    Jonesville, LA, USA -- Fullblood Boer Goats
  •   Dragonfly Farm Nigerian Dwarf Goats
    Harvard, MA, USA -- Dragonfly Farm, in Harvard, MA, offers healthy breeding and show quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and friendly and colorful pet wethers. Visitors are welcome!
  •   Herb Farm @ Strodes Run
    Maysville, KY, USA -- Herb Farm at Strodes Run is a 63 acre certified organic farm featuring Sweet Annie Cafe', Library, Catered Meeting Space, How to Classes, Farm Tours, Horseback Riding Lessons, Antique Shop, and was voted Best of Maysville in 2003.  You are invited to visit our web site for seasonal hours and take a virtual tour of our farm.
  •   Holeman Farms
    Florence, MS, USA -- We deal in bison, cattle, horses, goats, and swine.  We're located in Central Mississippi and are on of the few bison dealers in the state.
  •   2B Ranch
    Winters, TX USA -- We raise % and FB boers.  Good quality, ennobled bloodlines, paints, traditionals, and reds.  Great prices.
  • Azure Springs Pygmy Goats
    The web site covers our breeding and showing of African pygmy goats from champion bloodlines. Also included are a free pygmy goat breeder's listing page and useful links to other goat related web sites.
  • Broken Arrow Ranch
    Boer and Boer/Nubian cross goats. We are located in West Virginia. Introducing chevron to the public. A down home type ranch and we invite you to stop by, visit and sign the guestbook.
  •   Dogwood Ridge Farm
    Deatsville, AL, USA -- We raise Appaloosa Horses, Boer goats, and Anatolian Shepherd  livestock Gurad dogs . We offer stud services to our Appaloosa stallion , as well as training and showing on a limited basis . Horses and goats always for sale puppies occasionally
  • Faithful Farm Nubian Dairy Goats
    We raise Purebred and American Nubian dairy goats in SW Virginia. We are striving to produce animals with beautiful breed character, excellent milk production, and gentle temperaments. We practice CAE prevention and participate in DHIR testing. Please visit our website and meet our herd!
  • Grasshill Farm Ltd.- purebred Holstein cattle & Saanen goats
    Grasshill Farm Ltd., Lloyd Wicks, Ontario, Canada breeds purebred Holstein cattle & Saanen goats emphasizing high production and type. Cows, bulls, embryos, does & bucks for sale and export. 2X Master Breeder. For 2003 breeding/sale list, see our website.
  • Hagler Farm - Nubian Goats
    We are a small farm in Northwest Tennessee. We raise Purebred Nubians for milk and show. We are also members of ADGA and the Volunteer State Goat Breeders Association. We are enjoying being a member of the online community as well. Please browse through our farm and don't be afraid to ask questions.
  •   Rebel Yell Nigerians
    Chesterfield, VA, USA -- We raise beautiful registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats for show, milk, and pet. Our small flock of brown, white, and blue egg layers provide us with eggs for our own use, as well as to sell.
  •   Rachelsie Dairy Goats
    Palatka, FL, USA
    We are a small facility, emphasizing "quality" over "quantity". Though new to the joy of goats, I have a lifetime of animal husbandry experience. We combined our love of animals, our talents, and our resources to have the farm we both dreamed of.

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