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  • Best Belgium Pietrain Boars
    Kersbeek Miskom, Belgium -- Pietrain breeding farm "Van Kersbeek" has been raising breeding pigs for some 20 years. The company produces first-class breeding boars pigs. The Belgium Pietrain is the best inheriting breed of pig in the world and suitable for covering stress-negative sows, etc.
  •   Crescent Farm
    Crescent City, FL, USA -- We are fully committed to a permaculture design, principles of Agroecology and Sustainability. We are learning from our mistakes and now we manage our farm with great care to preserve the land, air and water, and to raise our animals in a humane way keeping the ecological equilibrium. We raise our livestock free of animal by-products, animal fats and antibiotics; we recycle our livestock manure.
  •   W Cattle Co
    Clarendon, TX, USA -- We have a Maine Anjou based Club Calf and Commercial herd dedicated to improving genetics through top notch animals. We have genetics from the best in the industry, and we breed for the best purebred or commercial calf that can be produced. We also are getting in to the roughstock industry in the future.
  •   Holeman Farms
    Florence, MS, USA -- We deal in bison, cattle, horses, goats, and swine.  We're located in Central Mississippi and are on of the few bison dealers in the state.
  • BSM Agri Ltd - Livestock Housing and Ventilation Systems
    BSM Agri Ltd. manufactures and distribuates livestock housing and ventilation systems for the hog, dairy, poultry and other livestock industries.
  • Swine Farming Race Pietrain
    Brabant, Belgium -- Swine farmer ras Belgium Pietran
    For sale Pietrain boars.The best!
    Aujeszky statute A4 PRRS-free BRUCELLOSIS-free.
    The best inheriting Belgian Pietrain boars.
    The best inheriting breed of pig, for stress-negative sows, etc.