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  •    Rabbit Farm
    Madrid, Venturada, Spain -- When you begin planning your rabbit farm, you will need to formulate a plan, which will often need to be submitted to an agricultural or planning board for the region in which you wish to set up this venture. Each area has its own legislation, and you will need to find out which regulations you will need to submit to, to receive your licences and permits to continue with your proposed business.

  •   Cimarron Valley Ranch - Small Breed Livestock
    Cleveland, Ok, USA -- We have small breed livestock on 24 acres of natural prarie, Dexter Cattle, Miniature Zebu, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats...

  •   D Upton Enterprises, LLC
    Cincinnatus, NY, USA -- We are a small farm in Central NY. We breed and raise meat goats, Alpine goats, and Boer/Alpine cross. We also raise and breed Maremma Livestock Guard Dogs. Our farm is family based and we work hard to sell great animals!

  •   Crescent Farm
    Crescent City, FL, USA -- We are fully committed to a permaculture design, principles of Agroecology and Sustainability. We are learning from our mistakes and now we manage our farm with great care to preserve the land, air and water, and to raise our animals in a humane way keeping the ecological equilibrium. We raise our livestock free of animal by-products, animal fats and antibiotics; we recycle our livestock manure.

  •   LaReau Lops & Cavies
    McFarland, Wisconsin, USA -- Wisconsin rabbit and cavy breeder raising quality French Lops, Holland Lops and Cavies. Show and breeding stock for sale. Extensive pet section with lots of info on choosing and raising your pet rabbit or cavy. Many rabbit and cavy pictures of our show and breeding stock, along with show information, care articles, and many links to other breeders.

  •   I Draghi della Reverdita
    Stella (SV), Savona, Italy -- We breed shar-peis and pugs from 1990. Our goal is to breed for health temperament and soudness. We have many champion and always a beautiful pup for approved home. Reverdita's Dragons Kennel home of champion since 1990

  •   Good News Farm
    Brandenburg, KY, USA -- We raise Painted Desert Sheep and Mouflon and Black Hawaiian crosses. Lambing will start soon. Get on our waiting list!

  •   4 Drench - Sheep, Cattle and Deer Drench On-Line
    Dunedin, New Zealand -- Rural supplier of quality drench and merchandise products for the farm. All drench products come from world leaders and are renowned for quality and economy.
  •   Cedaridge Farm
    Corinth, KY, USA -- Cedaridge Farm is a diversified livestock farm. We raise Boer and Boer cross goats, meat and show rabbits and various types of poultry.  Our site is under construction but check out an explanation of who we are and what we do!
  •   Cattletrader Trading System
    Albuquerque, NM, USA -- A site for commodity traders including commercial feed lot hedgers, beef packing plants, ranch operations, and individual traders.  We offer multiple systems for investing in cattle futures.
  •   Boyce Livestock Company, LLC
    Shelbyville, TN, USA -- We have been in business for over 53 years.  We buy and sell feeder pigs and iosweans. We usaully have feeder pigs available for sale weekly; good health and quality, single source, references available.
  •   Crocker's Country Corner
    Harker Heights, TX, USA -- Crocker's Country Corner is a business that provides Sewing Classes, Crafts, Used Cars, Cleaning Service, Auto Repair Shop, Mechanic Liens, Notary, Contract Sewing and other items not listed all in one location.
  •   Dogwood Ridge Farm
    Deatsville, AL, USA -- We raise Appaloosa Horses, Boer goats, and Anatolian Shepherd  livestock Gurad dogs . We offer stud services to our Appaloosa stallion, as well as training and showing on a limited basis . Horses and goats always for sale puppies occasionally
  • Eden's Gate Farm & Dragon's Lair Rabbitry
    We raise hereford cattle, poultry (chickens, ducks, quail, and pheasants), and rabbits (pets, 4-H, show, breeding, & meat).


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