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  •   FSM Farms
    Mountain Grove, MO, USA
    Our ranch is located in the Ozarks, in the rural town of Mtn Grove, Missouri. We have a 101 acres and raise a variety of livestock for breeding, pets or products.

  • Prairie Ridge Ranch
    Bridger, MN, USA -- We are located in a farming valley at the base of the picturesque Beartooth Mountains in the great state of Montana. Montana is a great place to live for us and our animals, with it’s fresh air and lush grasses..
  • Babydoll Sheep and Lambs
    Hampstead, MD, USA -- Babydoll Southdown sheep or their more formal name Old English Southdown sheep and lambs have been a wonderful addition to our family and can be a wonderful addition to your family that will give you years of pleasure. We apply only the best in breeding practices making every attempt to enhance the best qualities and keeping the bloodlines far apart producing healthy lambs.
  •   Littledale Farm
    Richland Center, Wisconsin, USA -- North Country Cheviot and Scottish Blackface sheep improved with recent Scottish genetics...

  •   Rocky Top Farm
    Rixeyville, VA, USA -- VA farm raising quality Katahdin, Dorper, and Commercial cross sheep (100 head breeder ewes) raised using sustainable practices...

  •   Blackwood Farm - Breeder of Painted Desert Hair Sheep
    Boyd, TX, USA -- We raise Painted Desert Hair Sheep. We are located 35 miles northwest of Fort Worth Texas and breed for color and horn growth...

  •   Ascott's Painted Desert Sheep
    Joshua, Tx, Johnson -- A small breeder of registered Painted Desert sheep. All our sheep are registered through both Painted Desert Sheep...

  •   Galilee Knights Arabians
    Galilee Hills, Israel -- Galilee Knights Arabians is situated in the heart of the Galilee Hills, in the middle of the gentle sloping valleys and woodland of the Mediterranean...

  •   G2 Exotics - Iranian Red Sheep
    Houston, TX, USA -- G2 exotics is located in the heart of the beautiful and picturesque Texas hill country. We ranch-raise Iranian Red Sheep...

  •   Click for Success
    Parker, CO, USA -- Small flock of Katahdin and Katahdin-X sheep for meat, herding, showing. Located 30 miles SE of Denver, Colorado. We herd our flocks with Australian Shepherds, so they are dog-broke to load into trailer with minimal stress.

  •   Stafford Knoll Farm
    Tualtin, OR, USA -- We hand raise our lambs with lots of love and attention. They make great pets. All of our flock is registered with the Olde English "Babydoll" Miniature Southdown Sheep Registry. This is the original registry created by Robert Mock using careful confirmation standards that were taken directly from the Southdown Sheep Society in England.

  •   Comer's Cover
    West Milton, OH, USA -- We are a small farm in SouthWest Ohio that breeds Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian and Mouflon Sheep.

  •   Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy
    Competition, MO, USA -- We are a family farm milking sheep and making Cheese and other value added products from the milk. We are the only Sheep dairy offering FREE farm visits and a chance to read more

  •   Rafter SB
    New Lebanon, OH, USA -- We raise Registered Painted Desert Sheep and also have small flocks of Texas Dall, Corsican/Mouflon, and Jacob Sheep as well as a couple other Heritage Breeds. Please see our website for more information about sheep sales for breeding stock.

  •   Heritage Southdowns
    Rickreall, OR, USA -- Raising registered Miniature (Babydoll) Southdown Sheep in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon. Now taking reservations for spring 2009 lambs. We love our little sheep and you will too!

  •   Whippoorwill Farm
    Oak Hill, WV, USA -- Whippoorwill Farm, located in Oak Hill, WV. Producer of Scotch Mule sheep and Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs. Our Maremmas are 100% imported Abruzzo, Italy bloodlines. Puppies and started/working dogs available.

  •   Dolce Farm and Orchards - Icelandic Sheep
    Newberg, Oregon, USA -- We raise registered Icelandic Sheep in many colors and patterns. They are a triple purpose breed - fleeces for hand spinners, mild lean meat and milk for homestead use. Breeding Stock, Fleeces, Rovings, Pelts, Handspun Yarns and Grass Fed Lamb for sale.

  •   Locust Tree Farm
    Port Republic, Va, USA -- We breed and sell fiber animals, Colored Angora goats, Colored Pygora goats and Icelandic sheep. Quality kids and lambs available for selection in the spring...

  •   Tejas Ranch
    Yantis, Texas, USA -- We have a small family owned Farm in East Texas and believe we have the healthiest happiest Pygmy Goats, Painted Desert Sheep and Barbado Sheep in our area. They have all their shots, fed twice a day, have vitamins and minerals available 24 hours and are fed hay year round. No one has better animals than us. All ages and sexes. $50 and up. Boer Goats also available.

  •   My Little Sheep Farm
    Seymour, Missouri, USA -- We raise Babydoll Southdown Sheep in southwest Missouri. These miniature sheep are wonderful for organic weed control in orchards and vineyards. Their delightful, sweet nature combined with smaller size also make them ideal for 4H projects. They are a great solution for those who enjoy farm animals but want a more manageable size.

  •   Alpha Omega Ranch
    Salmon, ID, USA -- Breeders of superior quality Sporthorses, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Icelandic Sheep and Komondor livestock guard dogs. We breed and raise our animals naturally. Our horses, goats and sheep free range browse in a high altitude, organic environment so they are healthy and happy.

  •   Crescent Farm
    Crescent City, FL, USA -- We are fully committed to a permaculture design, principles of Agroecology and Sustainability. We are learning from our mistakes and now we manage our farm with great care to preserve the land, air and water, and to raise our animals in a humane way keeping the ecological equilibrium. We raise our livestock free of animal by-products, animal fats and antibiotics; we recycle our livestock manure.

  •   Chaparral Dorper Sheep Ranch
    Niangua, Missouri, USA -- Breeders of quality registered Dorper sheep. Full blood, purebred and percentage sheep for sale. VSFCP enrolled flock.

  •   Sweetwater Farm Breeders of Babydoll Southdown Sheep
    Hampstead, Maryland, USA -- We are located on a 31 acre Farm in the rolling hills of north east Carroll County Maryland. We share our home with horses, Pygmy Goats and our flock of Olde English Babydoll Sheep. Our flock is made up of mostly Black Babydolls and some white. We apply only the best in breeding practice and we do not inbreed.

  •   Terrick Merinos
    Brisbane, Qld, Australia -- Terrick Merinos uses a common-sense balance between science, technology and practical sheep breeding to produce relevant genetics for Queensland sheep and wool producers. It prides itself on producing ‘whole of industry’ animals to maximise all areas of income.

  •   Good News Farm
    Brandenburg, KY, USA -- We breed Mini donkeys, Mini Dachshunds and Painted Desert Sheep. We have a colorful herd including red/white, black/white and brown and white. We have just begun introducing Mouflon Crosses into our herd to get maximum horn growth. We raise for personality and color in our animals.
  •   Cedar Wool Farm, joint venture
    Maryland, USA -- Romney, Cotswold, Border Leicester flocks. Crosses: Australian Bond Moorit, Wensleydale-x, Leicester Longwool, Cormo Providing purebreds, breeding stock, market lambs and fleeces. Fleece colors from white to black including moorit.

  •   Clover Ridge Farm Babydoll Southdown Sheep
    McDaniels, KY, USA
    -- Breeders of Miniature Babydoll Southdown Sheep in northwestern Kentucky. Psalm 118:24
  •   BSM Agri Ltd - Livestock Housing and Ventilation Systems
    BSM Agri Ltd. manufactures and distribuates livestock housing and ventilation systems for the hog, dairy, poultry and other livestock industries.

  •   Farmnews
    Providing news and information to farmers in New Zealand and around the world. Website also features a free classifieds, discussion forum, free links and jobs vacant and jobs wanted sections.


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