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  •   CJF Irrigation Design and Consultancy
    Beijing, China -- Colin Friedman MSc Irrigation & Chartered Environmentalist uses state of the art WCADI software to prepare tailor-made irrigation designs for clients all over the world. With over 25 years experience in the irrigation industry Colin has designed irrigation projects in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, England, Finland, Guatemala, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Scotland, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay.

farmers market live
  • Farmers Market Live
    Here You will find the best of USA's growers, producers and artisans, so you can buy directly from them without intermediaries, this guarantees you a better price for a much better product. We support growers, producers and artisans by providing them with online space and professional support at very affordable prices, and at the same time we help you locate the products you're looking for.



  •   Black Pepper Prices & Futures
    Bombay, India -- Black Pepper information, export prices of India alongwith other origins and futures trading in pepper.

  •   Peyton's Pecan Orchard
    Camilla, Georgia, USA -- Great Southern pecan products straight from the farm to your doorstep. Offering pecan gift boxes, pecan pies, & more.

  •   Bethonga Whole Foods Pty Ltd
    Wamuran, Queensland, Australia -- Bethonga Whole Foods Pty Ltd consists of Bethonga Pines, responsible for horticultural activities, and Glasshouse Country Packing, responsible for packing and transport> Bethonga Whole Foods presents and markets selected fruit lines to supermarket, independent retail and foodservice clients across Australia.

  •   CASP
    Halifax, Canada -- The Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership (CASP), headquartered in Prince Edward Island, is an entity to mobilize and coordinate Canadian institutional interests and expertise in sustainable agriculture.

  •   Aucxis Trading Solutions
    Stekene, Belgium -- Aucxis Trading Solutions supplies tailor-made electronic marketing tools to auction markets and selling organisations world-wide. Examples are: auction rooms, mobile auction systems for fish markets, remote bidding systems, electronic mediation, Internet applications and electronic trading networks.

  •   Alderspring Ranch Grass Fed Beef
    Tendoy, ID, USA -- Alderspring Ranch direct markets nearly 200 head of beef each year to patrons and through natural food stores. Their web site provides extensive information on grass fed beef, recipes, and producer resources for others interested in direct marketing beef.

  •   Farm & Office Consulting Services
    Itapeva, São Paulo, Brazil -- Agricultural, cattle and forestry consultancy for investors interested in South America. International agricultural consultancy. Farm management. Agriculture, Forestry and Cattle Projects. Market studies.

    Baku, AZE, Azerbaijan -- Our emphasis has always been to provide our clients with high yield investments to help them reach their financial goals while simultaneously reducing their overall portfolio risk through increased diversification. Professionally managed accounts have historically been a way for sophisticated, high net worth investors to achieve an above average return on their investments, without the day-to-day maintenance.

  • Polish Phytosanitary Association
    Warsaw, Poland -- Plant protection & phytosanitary issues, agriculture, ecology, law.

  • Agricultural Market
    Bucharest, Romania -- Agricultural Market is a website mainly designed for the producers, the merchants and the caterers from the agro-food field and surrounding domains. Directly contact between seller and buyer, no intermediary.


  • Cattletrader Trading System
    Albuquerque, NM, USA -- A site for commodity traders including commercial feed lot hedgers, beef packing plants, ranch operations, and individual traders.  We offer multiple systems for investing in cattle futures.

  • Agrich, Inc
    Winchester, IN, USA -- Wholesale seed supplier listing vegetable, flower, herb, field and tree seeds including low-cost open-pollinated, organic and heirloom varieties. Also provides marketing services to farmers, market growers, farmer's markets, and nurseries.

  • College Newspapers and Marketing offers marketing to college students, advertising to college students in college newspapers.

  • Eagle Seeds & Biotech Ltd
    Indore, MP, USA -- Leading producers and marketers of soybean, wheat, hybrid cotton, corn, pulses, oilseeds and vegetable seeds in India.

  • Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology
    The Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology will be held concurrently with the Ministerial Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology in Sacramento, California, June 23-25. Companies with products and technologies in the listed categories are invited to display, present, and demonstrate these items to Ministers of Agriculture, Health, Science & Technology, & Trade from around the world.

  • Texas Panhandle Plains
    Amarillo, TX, USA -- Texas Panhandle Plains is a full service advertising agency specializing in Agricultural Marketing for small business.

  • TEAM - The Electronic Auction Market
    The Electronic Auction Market (TEAM) is an online, interactive marketplace that brings cattle buyers and sellers together through the power of the Internet. TEAM is a real-time cattle auction with multiple sales weekly.

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