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  •   Wholesale Nursery Company
    Altamont, Tn, USA -- Wholesale Nursery Company was founded in 1932. Since we have grown to over 3400 production acres. Offering USDA certified plants, trees, wild plants, wetland natives, shrubs and perennials. Shipping to all states and 13 foreign countries

  •   Acadian Seaplants Limited
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    World Leader in Marine Plant Products for Plants, People and Animals. Provider of Fertilizers, Biostimulants and Animal feed Supplements made from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed or Seaweed extract.

  •   Dynamic Organic
    Hesperia, CA, USA -- DYNAMIC ORGANICS SOIL NUTRITION provides every essential nutrient your soil needs to grow your life-giving, earth-saving garden - Naturally! Safely!  A BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY GARDEN STARTS WITH THE SOIL! * Our promise to you - Your abundance of corn, tomatoes, all your home grown vegetables and fruit will be succulent, nutritious and delicious * Your roses will be disease and pest resistant with strong roots, lush green foliage, large blooms * Your soil will be teeming with vital earthworms, beneficial insects and soil improving microorganisms * Your garden is beautiful as you've created a safe, chemical-free haven for pollinating birds, bees, hummingbirds, butterflies * You protect our ground water supply * When you have healthy, nutrient rich soil you have strong, healthy plants that are less prone to insect infestation and diseases.

  •   Agriculture Solutions LLC
    Strong, ME, USA -- Agriculture Solutions LLC. Company offering you some of agricultures highest quality natural and organic products. The website puts an emphasis on raising high quality mineral dense foods for the added HEALTH benefits of high quality produce grown without the use of poisons. Their product range includes foliar sprays, liquid fertilizers, soil conditioners, liquid NPK's, organic chelates, fish emulsion, seaweed spray, organic pesticide and much more. The Website also puts an emphasis on educating farmers and consumers and contributes regular newsletters, crop programs, FAQs, articles and more. Great site that is worth checking back on for their regular updates
  • Don't Panic Eat Organic
    An organic growers home page! It is growing like everything else around here! If you have any links or sites that may help an organic grower pass it on contact us.


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  • Canberra Organic Growers Society
    The Canberra Organic Growers Society (COGS) is a non-profit organisation started in 1977 with the aim of providing a forum for organic growers to exchange information and encourage society to adopt organic growing methods.

  •   VitaOrganix - Soil Building Products and Organic Fertilizers
    Doral, FL, USA -- Vitaorganix provides organic farming products, Fertilizers, Dry fertilizers, Liquid fertilizers, Soil builders, Soil building products, Garden supplies, Organic fertilizers, Organic suppliers

  •   KARABOS Natural Farming
    Western Cape, Western Cape, South Africa -- Missie
    Die Produksie van Biologies geproduseerde, Voedingstofdigte, Residu-vrye Voedsel op 'n Natuurlike Fisiologiese benadering...

  •   PetrolinkUSA - Lubrication System Accessories
    KS, USA -- Petrolink USA has been providing on-site lubricant reconditioning and preventive maintenance services...

  •   Bio S.I. Technology, L.L.C. - Organic Products
    Justin, TX, USA -- Bio-S.I. Technology, LLC., was formed in 1996 and has a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products...

  •   Organic Farming Planet - Organic Products
    Tallinn, Harju, Estonia -- Organic Farming has become more widespread in recent years, with the demand for organic products...

  •   Atomic Grow - For vegetable crops, gardens or garden centers
    W. Melbourne, Florida, USA -- Increasing crop yields and enhancing your gardening efforts. We have high yield growth enhancers for your nursery or commercial farm. Agriculture products...

  •   Earth Friendly Organic Fertilizer
    Archer, FL, USA -- Online retailer and distributor of Pure Black Castings (99.9% Pure Worm Castings) and VermaPlex (liquid microbial Soil Inoculant made from these castings). Certified organic, OMRI listed. Use/applications guides on our website for these all natural organic fertilizers.

  •   Tullens Fruit Farm
    Bishops Stortford, Herts, UK -- Tullens fruit farm offers finest quality, fresh and delicious flavors apples, apple juice, apples and pears ,orange, fresh vegetables, organic lamb, popular varieties recipes of apple. Perfect food shop for fruit lover of British apples in West Sussex, UK.

  •   Australian Certified Organic
    Chermside, QLD, Australia -- An organization that certifies Australian organic farmers so that consumers can be confident when buying organic products.

  •   Biological Farmers of Australia
    Chermside, QLD, Australia -- The peak organisation for the organic industry and movement in Australia. They assist in matters of education, trade, promotion and advocacy. BFA aims for a diverse and flourishing organic industry which profitably and sustainably meets the needs of consumers demanding certified organic foods and fibres.

  •   Coco Gold
    Calicut, Kerala, India -- We are leading manufacturers of cocopeat products which is widely being used as a soil conditioner based in India. We can supply quality products at competitive rates.

  •   Plasponics Inc.
    Leamington, Ontario, Canada -- Plasponics is by far the most popular and widely accepted product line used by professional growers across North America. Engineered to be the fastest!

  •   WWOOF India
    Nainital, Uttrakhand, India -- wwoof india is national organisation, the organic farms in India are listed in its data base, upon becoming member of wwoof india the volunteers can work in organic farm in exchange for free food and boarding.

  •   INTX Microbials
    Kentland, Indiana, USA -- A leader in agricultural biotechnology. Privately owned organic agricultural inoculant provider. Specializing in symbiotic nitrogen fixation, legume inoculants, adjuvants, and rhizobia.

  •   Oerlemans Plastics B.V
    4265 GB Genderen, The Netherlands -- Producer of special horticultural films like substrate films, co2 tubes, cooling and heating tubes for closed greenhouse systems, AF energy screens, hotneelde films for pot plants, diffusing films, dense white nursery films, need for a solution in films...ask us!

  •   The Worm Farm Guide
    Brandon, USA -- Learn about Worm Farming, also called vermicomposting, which is a great way to use what are normally waste materials to create a great, non-smelly, humus-like fertilizer and soil amendment.

  •   Hydroasis
    Culver City, USA -- Hydroponic Gardening supplies and systems Online Superstore features a great selection of hydroponics products, grow lights and equipment, indoor plant lighting, environmental controllers, Nutrients, organic fertilizers and Hydroponics kits

    Alappuzha, kerala, India -- Vayalar Coirpith Products, a leading producer and exporter of coir pith products in South India process and export high quality coir pith blocks and coir pith grow bags for horticulture industry across the world. We also manufacture a wide variety of patented coir products, and Jute mattings, Jute Rugs with and without Border, coco chips-an advanced alternative to bark based growing medium, and Geo textiles.

  •   BioFarm Agricultural - Soil and Water Solutions
    Rockhampton, QLD, Australia -- Biological soil management, soil microbial inoculants, organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. Delta magnetic water conditioners for hard water, iron, calcium and salinity. Organically-certified inputs MicroVital, S.F.I. (Soil Fungal Inoculant), Stimuliser fulvic acid and BiOmega Fish Emulsion.

  •   Trueleaf Europe
    Galway, Ireland -- We provide Climate Control Systems for greenhouse/polythene tunnel horticulture and floriculture world wide. From heating, water management, fertilization, and air quality to name a few, we are here to help you get the growing environment you desire. Contact us for a FREE evaluation and costing analysis

  •   Indonesian Organic Farming Network (Jaker Po)
    Solo, Central Java, Indonesia -- A network of NGOs and farmer groups working with organic farming and provide resources in Indonesia

  •   Densu Ventures Coco Peat Coir
    Plantation, Florida, USA -- Densu's Coir - is specifically produced for the horticulture industry. It is not produced as a byproduct of the fiber industry like traditionally available coir. Instead fiber is a byproduct of our proprietary coir producing operation. Our coir products have several features that are of prime importance to the horticultural industry. Densu-Coir products absorb more water and at a faster rate than regular coir. Our products have better yield rates than other coir products on the market.

  •   Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
    Mumbai, India -- Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a premier biotechnology company, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of cost effective, performance oriented, advanced biological inputs for agriculture, aquaculture and environment.

  • Lokmangal Biofertilizers
    Solapur, Maharashtra, India -- At Lokmangal Group helping the farming community isour priority. We specialize in improving soil health, environment, and fertility by promoting the use of bio fertilizers, biopesticides, organic biofertilizers and biocontrol agents.

  •   SWEP Analytical Laboratories
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -- SWEP provides agricultural Soil, Plant and Water testing with interpretation using the Mikhail system for sustainable balanced soil management.

  •   Konkin Organic Vermiculture Farm
    Kiev, Ukraine -- We are manufacturer/exporter of biohumus (organic fertilizer, soil improver) and red Californian worms (Eisenia foetida). We produce 1000 Mt of biohumus and 2 Mt of worms annually.

  •   Alderspring Ranch Grass Fed Beef
    Tendoy, ID, USA -- Alderspring Ranch direct markets nearly 200 head of beef each year to patrons and through natural food stores. Their web site provides extensive information on grass fed beef, recipes, and producer resources for others interested in direct marketing beef.

  •   Sustainable
    Adelaide, , Australia -- The scientific literature shows that organic farming can have serious environmental implications.

  •   Ghana Foods
    London, UK -- we import organic fruit and vegetables from small farms in ghana, we export sorrel drinks, ginger beer, ital moss, packaging and processing machines, power or manual operation,p38 car body filler, venue hire

  •   Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc.
    Weston, ON, Canada -- Manufacturers of U.S. & Canadian patented Solar, 110 / 220 volt powered portable greenhouse to grow fodder, broccoli sprouts, bean sprouts (commercial production and emergency food/crop supply), herbs, medicinal plants, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, seedlings for commercial crops and reforestation, Turnkey projects, Combating starvation and deforestation worldwide.

  •   Alaska Bountea
    Boulder, CO, USA -- Alaska Bountea is an all-natural humus tea system (an advanced form of compost tea) that feeds beneficial microbes in soil, resulting in bigger, healthier plants, increased yields, and tastier vegetables. We also sell Root Web, a fungal nutrient transport system with mycorrhiza, and M3, an organic fertilizer made from fish and mineral materials, for use with the Alaska Bountea

  •   Amit Biotech
    Kolkata, India -- A complete Biotechnological Company based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India - The company is mainly associated with agriculture, plantation, pisciculture and animal husbandry and bulk drugs to name a few.

    Warsaw, Poland -- GMO - ecology - coexistence.


  •   AmPac Biotech
    Fresno, CA, USA -- Plant Helper is an organic plant growth promoter that enhances your plants vigor and yield, while protecting your plants from harmful soil born diseases.  It is environmentally friendly and all natural.
    volunteer on organic farms internationally.


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