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  •   Acadian Seaplants Limited
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    World Leader in Marine Plant Products for Plants, People and Animals. Provider of Fertilizers, Biostimulants and Animal feed Supplements made from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed or Seaweed extract

The Chatham fanning mill with hand tools for grain harvesting
  • Pasto Agricultural Museum
    Visitors to the Pasto Agricultural Museum journey back to a time when farmers used muscle power, both human and animal, to produce food and fiber for a growing nation. The museum has over 700 rare and unusual farm and household items dating back to the 1840s. Visitors can learn about early farm life and gain hands on experience with the history of agriculture and household equipment by turning the cranks and moving levers.

  • Haifa Chemicals
    is a leading developer, producer and marketer of specialty plant nutrients and specialty industrial and agricultural chemicals. The products are solidly based on Israel's natural resources - potash from the Dead Sea and phosphate rock from the Negev desert, along with Israeli scientific and agronomic capabilities and expertise.

  • Gilat Reseach Center The southern branch of the Agricultural Research Organization of Israel's Ministry of Agriculture.  Gilat comprises eleven research units, which concentrate on the issues facing farmers in the Negev region: crop cultivation, soil, plant protection.  Problems in these areas greatly affect the profitability of the crops grown in the Negev. Our research staff, provides valuable agricultural services including a laboratory for the diagnosis of plant disease, nitrogen forecasting, and a national bank of genetic material for citrus orchards; a laboratory for the detection of poultry disease is also located on the premises.
  • Volcani Agricultural Research Organization
    The Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), the research arm of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture. ARO is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the greater part of Israel's agricultural research effort. ARO is concerned with the solving of current problems in agricultural production, with the introduction of new products, processes and equipment, and with research investigations on which Israel's future agricultural effort will be based.
  •   Food Security Through Biodiversity
    San Pedro Columbia, Toledo, Belize -- Maya Mountain Research Farm is a registered non-governmental organization and working demonstration farm that promotes sustainable agriculture, appropriate technology and food security using permacultural principles and applied biodiversity.
  •   DanishKnowHow®
    Birkerød, Denmark -- Danishknowhow® helps people to see Danish agriculture with their own eyes - by organizing group visits to Denmark. danishknowhow® works closely together with an agricultural academies, farmers and companies.
  •   Agricultural Colleges of Queensland International
    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia -- Agricultural Colleges of Queensland promotes Australia's leading agricultural colleges for courses, education, study tours and conferences.
  •   Range Media Crop Notes
    Toowoomba, QLD, Australia -- Commercial information for specific agricultural industry sectors on CDROM. Special products covering conference proceedings, training, education, workplace and health and safety and promotional issues.
  • Agricultural Engineering, Technion, Haifa
    The major task of Agricultural Engineering is to apply technological and engineering tools to increase the agricultural production and efficiency, improve product quality, while preserving the quality of the environment. Israel, where high technology agriculture is practiced under conditions of limited water supply, develops and exports new varieties of agricultural products, agriculture-related industrial products and systems, and advanced know-how.
  • Agricultural Research Service
    The U.S. Department of Agriculture's main in-house scientific research agency. Finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect Americans every day, from field to table.
  • Agritech Israel 03
    The Agritech Association is a non profit Organization, which includes the following members: The Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, the Kibbutz Industry Association, the Water Workers Association, the Field Workers Organization, the Rupin Institute, the Agricultural Center, the Israel Association for Agricultural Engineering and Mr. Yaakov Tsur, Former Minister of Agriculture.
  • ANR Catalog
    service branch of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) of the University of California. We help ANR advisors, specialists and academic staff produce a variety of practical, research-based educational media -- publications, videos, slide presentations, interactive distance learning, audio recordings and electronic multimedia.
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
    Since its founding in 1942, the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (FAHU) has been in the forefront fostering research and education - bonding scientific knowledge and human innovation to create green spaces and develop Israeli agriculture.
  • Gembloux Agricultural University
    Gembloux Agricultural University has been, since its inception on July 1860, a Faculty open to all. It has always welcomed students from the four corners of the earth. Gembloux prides itself on providing the latest scientific expertise to all those who are eager to address issues such as malnutrition and sustainable resource management.
  • Industrial Agricultural Products Center
    Research and development services team at University of Nebraska-Lincoln works with industry, inventors, non-profit groups, and entrepreneurs to develop and market new uses for agriculture commodities.
  • International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
    Seeks to increase agricultural production in a sustainable way, in order to improve the nutritional status and well-being of people in sub-Saharan Africa. Conducts research and training, provides information, collects and exchanges germplasm, and encourages transfer of technology, in partnership with African national agricultural research and development programs.
  • Institute of Agricultural and Natural Resources (IANR) -
    Contains vast amount of information on its program and achievements as well as numerous publications pertaining to food, agriculture, agribusiness, and natural and human resources.
  • Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology
    Will be held concurrently with the Ministerial Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology in Sacramento, California, June 23-25. Companies with products and technologies in the listed categories are invited to display, present, and demonstrate these items to Ministers of Agriculture, Health, Science & Technology, & Trade from around the world.
  • Swiss Federal Research Station for Agroecology and Agriculture Zurich-Reckenholz
    Develops environmentally sound cultivation and production techniques which maintain soil fertility, cause minimal air and water pollution and allow high biodiversity as well as a varied landscape
  • NARI Agriculture
    Describes research initiatives at the Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (India), including improved safflower and sorghum varieties, agrichemical testing, and breed improvement of sheep and goats.
  • Gilat-Besor Experiment Station - Negev R&D
    Comprises eleven research units, which concentrate primarily on the issues facing farmers in Israel's Negev: crop cultivation, soil, and plant protection.
  • Institute of Plant Breeding
    The Institute of Plant Breeding (IPB) was established under the College of Agriculture at the University of the Philippines Los Banos (CA-UPLB), Laguna. It is the national breeding center for all crops, except rice.
  • DFID Plant Sciences Research Programme
    UK programme of research into biotechnology and agronomy which aims to reduce poverty among people in developing countries who earn their living from agriculture.
  • Florida Institute of Phosphate Research
    State agency established to conduct or fund studies that address the environmental and health impacts of Florida's phosphate mining and fertilizer industry, as well as the industry's efficiency. Also serves as a phosphate-related information resource.
  • National Botanical Research Institute
    NBRI is the premier National Plant Research Center for India under the umbrella of CSIR known originally as Sikander Bagh, the legendary royal garden of the erstwhile Oudh kings who ruled the region during the 19th Century before it was taken over by the British in 1857.
  • Animal and Natural Resources Institute, Beltsville, Maryland
    Located at the Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) in Beltsville, Maryland. The research mission of the Animal and Natural Resources Institute (ANRI), is to conduct research and to develop technology transfer programs that ensure high quality and safe food while protecting the natural resource base and the environment.
  • Plant Science Research and Information Centers 
    University of California-Davis Research and Information Centers. Current center specialties include ornamental horticulture; vegetable, fruit and nut production; weed control; postharvest technology; agronomy; seed biotechnology, and rangeland management.
  • Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (IGER)
    Research and business development relating to agriculture involving grass, clover, forage production, plant science, soil science, animal nutrition, environment, agriculture and ecology. UK.
  • New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research
    Research, technology and services in the areas of arable crops, vegetables, seafood, ornamentals, animal feed, and forestry.
  • Agricola (AGRICultural OnLine Access)
    a bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators.  The records describe publications and resources encompassing all aspects of agriculture and allied disciplines.
  • American Society of Plant Biologists
    The American Society of Plant Biologists was founded in 1924 to promote the growth and development of plant biology, to encourage and publish research in plant biology, and to promote the interests and growth of plant scientists in general. 
  • Agricultural Research Service, USDA
    The main in-house research arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Research news, find-a-researcher, consumer and educational information on a wide range of topics in food, agriculture, pest management, and related areas.
  • NAS/NRC Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources
    National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council. Research and reports on topics including animal nutrition and pesticide management.
  • ANR Catalog - University of California 
    Your source for agricultural information on the Internet from the University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. From ants to zucchini, almonds to zinfandel - we've got answers! 
  • FP 5 Management - Financial & Legal Issues
    On this site you will find information about the legal and financial aspects of the research proposal management process.
    The Israeli Directorate for FP5.  ISERD aims at promoting joint Israeli-EU R&D ventures within the Framework Programme. It aims, through R&D,to contribute to Europe's industrial competitiveness, academic excellence as well as fulfilling its citizens socio-economic needs. 
  • Israel Science and Technology Homepage - Highly recommended
    The national database and directory of science and technology related sites in Israel. The site design is aimed to provide easy, rapid and uncluttered access to information.
  • Metorological databases in Israel (in Hebrew)

  • Pest Management Resource Center

  • Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book
    The Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book is a subject oriented internet resource guide for plant pathology, applied entomology, and all related fields. On these pages you will find plant pathology related internet sites and more useful resources

  • 10-day Precipitation Outlook for the Mideast

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