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  •   Agriculture Solutions LLC
    Strong, ME, USA -- Agriculture Solutions LLC. Company offering you some of agricultures highest quality natural and organic products. The website puts an emphasis on raising high quality mineral dense foods for the added HEALTH benefits of high quality produce grown without the use of poisons. Their product range includes foliar sprays, liquid fertilizers, soil conditioners, liquid NPK's, organic chelates, fish emulsion, seaweed spray, organic pesticide and much more. The Website also puts an emphasis on educating farmers and consumers and contributes regular newsletters, crop programs, FAQs, articles and more. Great site that is worth checking back on for their regular updates

  •   VitaOrganix - Soil Building Products and Organic Fertilizers
    Doral, FL, USA -- Vitaorganix provides organic farming products, Fertilizers, Dry fertilizers, Liquid fertilizers, Soil builders, Soil building products, Garden supplies, Organic fertilizers, Organic suppliers

  •   PhieldTeK - Dedicated soil nutrient mapping service
    Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom -- PHIELD TEK is a dedicated soil nutrient mapping service using GPS technology for precision soil sampling...

  •   Bio S.I. Technology, L.L.C. - Organic Products
    Justin, TX, USA -- Bio-S.I. Technology, LLC., was formed in 1996 and has a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products...

  •   Measure Instruments
    Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Manufacturer of moisture meter for grains, cereals, hay, feed, soil. Thermometer beacon for frost risk. Monitor of moisture in continuous process. Temperature of silos.

  •   Smart! Fertilizer Management Software
    Hod Hasharon, Israel -- Smart! is an advanced software for fertilization management. Smart! generates professional fertilizer recipes for maximal yields while eliminating common mistakes and reducing costs. Smart! is an essential tool for any grower, agronomist, and consultant. The fertilizer programs and recipes are based on lab test results, growing recommendations and field data.

  •   Coco Gold
    Calicut, Kerala, India -- We are leading manufacturers of cocopeat products which is widely being used as a soil conditioner based in India. We can supply quality products at competitive rates.

  •   Organic Bountea
    Boulder, CO, USA -- We sell the unique, all-natural Bountea Compost Tea System,
    which supercharges beneficial microbes in soil to increase plant growth and yield.

  •   The Soil Company
    Groningen, The Netherlands -- The Soil Company is supplier of spatial soil information. We use modern methods and unique (patented) technology to map soil composition very accurately and with a high resolution. The Soil Company offers a full service and product line for spatial analysis and cultivation of soil: precision farming.

  •   The Worm Farm Guide
    Brandon, USA -- Learn about Worm Farming, also called vermicomposting, which is a great way to use what are normally waste materials to create a great, non-smelly, humus-like fertilizer and soil amendment.

  •   INTX Microbials, LLC
    Kentland, IN, USA -- NTX products feature the latest technologies available, giving you the performance you expect from a legume inoculant, whether it's soil-applied or seed-applied.

  •   Evergreen Soil Conservation Limited
    Rotorua, New Zealand -- Evergreen Soil Conservation Limited is New Zealand's foremost hydroseeding re-vegetation company. Our hydroseeding services assist with soil dust suppression and we offer a straw mulch service for sediment control. Our erosion control mat (the Evergreen Bio Mat) is suitable for difficult sites and along with conventional grass seeding we also provide a native plant landscaping service. For sites with underlying structural issues we can work in conjunction with consultants to provide an engineered environmental solution.

  •   BioFarm Agricultural - Soil and Water Solutions
    Rockhampton, QLD, Australia -- Biological soil management, soil microbial inoculants, organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. Delta magnetic water conditioners for hard water, iron, calcium and salinity. Organically-certified inputs MicroVital, S.F.I. (Soil Fungal Inoculant), Stimuliser fulvic acid and BiOmega Fish Emulsion.

  •   Iowa Testing Labs
    Eagle Grove, Iowa, USA -- Analytical Services- Feed, Soil, Manure, Water, Grain, Food, Chemical, Microbiological Analyses, Quality Control Software, Data Bases etc.

  •   Division S-7 of the Soil Science Society of America
    Seattle, WA, USA -- This is the homepage of Divsion S-7: Forest Range and Wildland Soils of the Soil Science Society of America. Here you'll find information of interest to the forest soils community, such as the forest soils discussion group, links, the division's calendar of events, and lists of journals.

  •   Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
    Mumbai, India -- Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is a premier biotechnology company, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of cost effective, performance oriented, advanced biological inputs for agriculture, aquaculture and environment.

  •   Bonsai Soil
    Miami, FL, USA -- Shop for a bonsai soil mix carrying pine bark and vermiculite. The bonsai soil blend is perfect for all potted plants, tree, and especially bonsai.

  •   SWEP Analytical Laboratories
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -- SWEP provides agricultural Soil, Plant and Water testing with interpretation using the Mikhail system for sustainable balanced soil management.

  •   Konkin Organic Vermiculture Farm
    Kiev, Ukraine -- We are manufacturer/exporter of biohumus (organic fertilizer, soil improver) and red Californian worms (Eisenia foetida). We produce 1000 Mt of biohumus and 2 Mt of worms annually.

  •   Alaska Bountea
    Boulder, CO, USA -- Alaska Bountea is an all-natural humus tea system (an advanced form of compost tea) that feeds beneficial microbes in soil, resulting in bigger, healthier plants, increased yields, and tastier vegetables. We also sell Root Web, a fungal nutrient transport system with mycorrhiza, and M3, an organic fertilizer made from fish and mineral materials, for use with the Alaska Bountea

  • Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology
    The Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology will be held concurrently with the Ministerial Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology in Sacramento, California, June 23-25. Companies with products and technologies in the listed categories are invited to display, present, and demonstrate these items to Ministers of Agriculture, Health, Science & Technology, & Trade from around the world.

  • ADAPA Organic Nutrients For Your Soil, Plants and Crops
    M*FLORANNA Organic Mineral Nutrients contains 100% natural for Soil, Plants Vegetables and Crops. The Miracle that will give you the Harvest that you deserve.


  • Farmnews
    Providing news and information to farmers in New Zealand and around the world. Website also features a free classifieds, discussion forum, free links and jobs vacant and jobs wanted sections.

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