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  •   Wholesale Nursery Company
    Altamont, Tn, USA -- Wholesale Nursery Company was founded in 1932. Since we have grown to over 3400 production acres. Offering USDA certified plants, trees, wild plants, wetland natives, shrubs and perennials. Shipping to all states and 13 foreign countries

  •   Acadian Seaplants Limited
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    World Leader in Marine Plant Products for Plants, People and Animals. Provider of Fertilizers, Biostimulants and Animal feed Supplements made from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed or Seaweed extract.

  •   Agriculture Solutions LLC
    Strong, ME, USA -- Agriculture Solutions LLC. Company offering you some of agricultures highest quality natural and organic products. The website puts an emphasis on raising high quality mineral dense foods for the added HEALTH benefits of high quality produce grown without the use of poisons. Their product range includes foliar sprays, liquid fertilizers, soil conditioners, liquid NPK's, organic chelates, fish emulsion, seaweed spray, organic pesticide and much more. The Website also puts an emphasis on educating farmers and consumers and contributes regular newsletters, crop programs, FAQs, articles and more. Great site that is worth checking back on for their regular updates

  •   Pytech Techonologies
    Israel --
    A pioneer and a leader in Phytomonitoring™; the practice of remote sensing and monitoring of plants. Our advanced solutions use state-of-the-art sensors, wireless communication, and innovative software for collecting and analyzing data.  Our systems improve crop production and reduce cultivation costs by providing timely and accurate information regarding the physiological status of the plants and identifying stress conditions before they impact the plant or the fruit.

  •   Bayer CropScience AG
    Monheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany -- Bayer CropScience, a subsidiary of Bayer AG, is one of the world's leading innovative crop science companies in the areas of crop protection, non-agricultural pest control, seeds and plant biotechnology.

  •   Earthcrew, Inc.
    Winston, Oregon, USA -- Defining and delivering innovative biological solutions to commercial growers is our business. We manufacture certified organic powdered and liquid food-grade fertilizers...

  •   Vision Logic
    Yakima, WA, USA -- VisionLogic offers 37 years of hands-on experience providing remote or on-site specialized troubleshooting and technical consulting services in: plant production, physiology, nutrition, diseases...

  •   PhieldTeK - Dedicated soil nutrient mapping service
    Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom -- PHIELD TEK is a dedicated soil nutrient mapping service using GPS technology for precision soil sampling...

  •   CPLAN Carbon Calculator - CPLANv2 Greenhouse gas calculator
    Edinburgh, Lothian, United Kingdom -- Greenhouse auditing tool designed for land based industries. Offers advice on reducing carbon footprint, discussion forum and regularly updated news section...

  •   Nature Farming Research And Development Foundation
    Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan -- NFRDF is intensively working on dissemination of new technologies related to Agro-Industrial processes as well as livestock health besides reclamation and management of inferior soil and water resources. Fermenter and Biogenerator system, which are applied in agriculture and livestock, are two revolutionary innovations of Dr. Tahir Hussain. Recently NFRDF has developed a new working body known as Organic Farming Consultants (OFC).

  •   Food Security Through Biodiversity
    San Pedro Columbia, Toledo, Belize -- Maya Mountain Research Farm is a registered non-governmental organization and working demonstration farm that promotes sustainable agriculture, appropriate technology and food security using permacultural principles and applied biodiversity.

  •   AgroGreen Biological Pesticides for Sustainable Agriculture
    Hod Hasharon, , Israel -- AgroGreen specializes in the development, production and marketing of biological pesticides. Its main product lines of biological pesticides are bionematicides and biofungicides. AgroGreen has accumulated extensive biotechnological and agricultural expertise in making crop farming more sustainable, reducing harmful pesticide residues and contributing to a safer environment.

  •   ZonRadio Agricultural Monitoring
    Las Lomas, ca, USA -- Sensor Networking Platforms + Mesh Solutions - RFID Sensor and Wireless ALARMS NETWORK - 24/7 monitoring + Temperature – Water Pressure – Humidity – Moisture – Pumping – Underground Pipelines - Fluids Storage - Perimeter Watch ZonRadio - planting, growing and packing – Safer Fresh Food.

  •   Iowa Testing Labs
    Eagle Grove, Iowa, USA -- Analytical Services- Feed, Soil, Manure, Water, Grain, Food, Chemical, Microbiological Analyses, Quality Control Software, Data Bases etc.

  •   Trueleaf Europe
    Galway, Ireland -- We provide Climate Control Systems for greenhouse/polythene tunnel horticulture and floriculture world wide. From heating, water management, fertilization, and air quality to name a few, we are here to help you get the growing environment you desire. Contact us for a FREE evaluation and costing analysis

  •   SWEP Analytical Laboratories
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -- SWEP provides agricultural Soil, Plant and Water testing with interpretation using the Mikhail system for sustainable balanced soil management.

  •   CASP
    Halifax, Canada -- The Canadian Agro-Sustainability Partnership (CASP), headquartered in Prince Edward Island, is an entity to mobilize and coordinate Canadian institutional interests and expertise in sustainable agriculture.

  •   Waste Oil Burner
    Winkler, Manitoba, Canada -- TMD Enterprises has developed a burner that is able to burn any grade of waste oil. It can be used to convert any regular oil furnace into a furnace able to burn waste oil. This burner includes many features that make it more attractive than burners that are available commercially.

    Littlerock, Washington, USA -- Large scale production of Red Wiggler Composting worm. Ebay Power Seller of worms, books, bins. Marketing compost, manure, Worm castings. WA Certified Organic

  •   Alderspring Ranch Grass Fed Beef
    Tendoy, ID, USA -- Alderspring Ranch direct markets nearly 200 head of beef each year to patrons and through natural food stores. Their web site provides extensive information on grass fed beef, recipes, and producer resources for others interested in direct marketing beef.

  •   Sustainable
    Adelaide, , Australia -- The scientific literature shows that organic farming can have serious environmental implications.

  •   Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc.
    Weston, ON, Canada -- Manufacturers of U.S. & Canadian patented Solar, 110 / 220 volt powered portable greenhouse to grow fodder, broccoli sprouts, bean sprouts (commercial production and emergency food/crop supply), herbs, medicinal plants, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, seedlings for commercial crops and reforestation, Turnkey projects, Combating starvation and deforestation worldwide.

  •   Farm & Office Consulting Services
    Itapeva, São Paulo, Brazil -- Agricultural, cattle and forestry consultancy for investors interested in South America. International agricultural consultancy. Farm management. Agriculture, Forestry and Cattle Projects. Market studies.

  •   Alaska Bountea
    Boulder, CO, USA -- Alaska Bountea is an all-natural humus tea system (an advanced form of compost tea) that feeds beneficial microbes in soil, resulting in bigger, healthier plants, increased yields, and tastier vegetables. We also sell Root Web, a fungal nutrient transport system with mycorrhiza, and M3, an organic fertilizer made from fish and mineral materials, for use with the Alaska Bountea system.

  •   Polish Phytosanitary Association
    Warsaw, Poland -- Plant protection & phytosanitary issues, agriculture, ecology, law.

    Warsaw, Poland -- GMO - ecology - coexistence.

  • Agrich, Inc
    Winchester, IN, USA -- Wholesale seed supplier listing vegetable, flower, herb, field and tree seeds including low-cost open-pollinated, organic and heirloom varieties. Also provides marketing services to farmers, market growers, farmer's markets, and nurseries.

  • Alpaca, a Natural Elegance
    Stayton, OR, USA -- Alpaca facts and information. Alpacas for sale from an industry leader

  • Interstate Equipment & Mfg. Corp.
    The Interstate Shredder-Bedder is a one-pass conservation tillage machine for cotton production.

  • ADAPA Organic Nutrients For Your Soil, Plants and Crops
    M*FLORANNA Organic Mineral Nutrients contains 100% natural for Soil, Plants Vegetables and Crops. The Miracle that will give you the Harvest that you deserve.

  • Farmnews
    Providing news and information to farmers in New Zealand and around the world. Website also features a free classifieds, discussion forum, free links and jobs vacant and jobs wanted sections.

  • Herb Farm @ Strodes Run
    Maysville, KY, USA -- Herb Farm at Strodes Run is a 63 acre certified organic farm featuring Sweet Annie Cafe', Library, Catered Meeting Space, How to Classes, Farm Tours, Horseback Riding Lessons, Antique Shop, and was voted Best of Maysville in 2003.  You are invited to visit our web site for seasonal hours and take a virtual tour of our farm.

  • Hungavit Organic Product Line
    Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico -- If you want to increase the quality and quantity 100% organicly you must have to use our product * 1996 world gold medal exhibition of invention, research and industrial innovation *

  • Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology
    The Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology will be held concurrently with the Ministerial Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology in Sacramento, California, June 23-25. Companies with products and technologies in the listed categories are invited to display, present, and demonstrate these items to Ministers of Agriculture, Health, Science & Technology, & Trade from around the world.

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